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Class notes

Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Mary Louise Goodson Drennen
106 Merriweather Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3623
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. William B. Nichols
(Constance Haberkorn)
176 Kendal Drive
Kennett Square, PA 19348-2333
Liggett Class Secretary:
Jane Kilner Denny
125 E. Gilman Street
Madison, WI 53703-1407
CDS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Susanne M. (Kemp) Bartlett
262 Mount Vernon
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3437
CDS Class Secretary:
Mrs. John R. Lee
(Lydia J. Kerr)
1030 Arbor Lane, Apt.103
Northfield, IL 60093-3356
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Robert Rigger
(Roberta Mackey)
830 West 40th Street, Apt. 304
Baltimore, MD 21211-2125
DUS Class Secretary:
Mr. Albert M. Mackey, Jr.
276 LaSalle Place
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3107
CDS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Carolyn E. (Taylor) Ewald Kratzet
284 Moross Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-2945
Winter Address:
3450 Gulfstream Road
Gulfstream, FL 33483
DUS Class Secretary:
Mr. Alexander C. Suczek
P.O. Box 2411
S. Padres Isle, TX 78597-2411
Liggett Class Secretary:
Ms. Betsy Stanton
805 Edgewood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618-4823
Betsy writes: “I’ve had a good time chatting with some of you. Out of our class of 30, we now number 10. Three (Monalu, Beverly and Mary Lou) have significant health issues. Seven are combating the 80s with wit, caution and aplomb.
“Sally Childs Coe and Jack moved to South Carolina a year ago to be closer to one of their sons and family; the other son lives in D.C. with his family. Sally and Jack love their retirement home and enjoy having meals prepared for them. Grandson Andrew is in San Diego in the Naval Air Force flying helicopters and will be doing Search and Rescue from a large aircraft carrier, the Stennis. Grandson Robert is a junior at Princeton, on the swim team and is deep into computer engineering. Their 14-year-old grandson David is nearby, has skipped two grades, and is into the usual activities for a 14-year-old. (1180 Haywood Rd., Greenville, SC 29615, 864-451-7080).
“I am sorry to report that Kitty Carey Donnelly has died. She died unexpectedly in October, age 81. Kitty had COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) for some time, but seemingly was still in good health. We can be glad that Kitty died suddenly and did not have to endure a long illness.
“Kitty lived in San Francisco since 1960. She was very active with her neighborhood associations in Telegraph Hill and in Pacific Heights. She was on the Board of the San Francisco Symphony and was a dedicated volunteer at many events for the group. She had a very full life, filled with friends and activities. She is survived by her sister, Mary Carey Schaefer, of Palo Alto, Calif. and Mary’s family.
“Jean-Faye Thomas Friedt and Ted continue their busy lives. Their lives have been filled with graduations of many grandchildren. That continues, and now the engagements and weddings are being announced. They recently took a 14-day cruise to Mexico and went through the Panama Canal. They really enjoyed three months in North Carolina with daughter, Cathy; later a week in the Keys with children and grandchildren. (The Palm Club, Villa 37, 1431 South Ocean Blvd., Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33062; 954-788-6499).
“Anne Baldwin Gust had a great time with daughter, Anne, and husband, Jerry Brown, recently when Jerry was again inaugurated as governor of California. When I happened to see it on television, I kept watching, hoping that I would see Anne. No luck. Her son Bill has recently opened a soccer arena in Westmont, Ill., called Westmont Yard. Anne lives in The Villages (Lady Lake), Florida, which is an hour north of Orlando. She loves it. It is an ‘over-55’ retirement heaven with 29 golf courses and counting! Her other three children and 11 grandchildren are all well. (798 Gaffney St., The Villages, FL 32162; 352-259-8836;
“Marian Hardy still lives in Rockville, Md., and is still working with animals. She is currently training a 6-lb. toy poodle
in ‘free style’ (working with music). She has done a great deal of speaking here and internationally on her search and rescue work; and she is in the midst of writing a book, “Water Search with Dogs.” None of her family lives in Michigan now, but the entire family (Marian has three sisters) get together in Watervale, Mich. (south of Traverse City) the last week of July each year; they also go to Mt. Desert Island in Maine to sister Emily’s retreat every September. Marian has been taking organ lessons for the last five or six years and she is enjoying that much more than piano lessons when she was young. (4 Orchard Way North, Rockville, MD; 301-762-7217;
“Monalu Jacob Kimbell has moved to a retirement facility. Her son is her guardian. I’m sorry to report that Art
died in 2008.
“Hermine Roby Klingler and I have exchanged several long e-mails. Hermine moved from her Barton Hills home of 42
years last May. She said it was “the worst experience of her life!” It is a good reminder from her that we should start cleaning out, clearing out and paring down our stuff and collections! She loves her new condominium, although I think she misses her beautiful gardens. She looks forward to spending more time at Pointe aux Barques; her family loves it
there. Lots of good times and reunions. (1042 Scott Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48105; 734-213-3888, unlisted;
“Elaine Kramer Martindale was quick to give me the “same old, same old” when I called her. She is enjoying life and stays busy in her home of 43 years. Son Bill lives not too far from Ann Arbor; son Bob lives in Grosse Pointe; and son Tom is married, has two little girls, and lives in Ft. Wayne, Ind. Elaine fell in her garage last April, had a clean break of her hip, it is now pinned, and she is back to her regular schedule. She attends an exercise class (shouldn’t we all!) twice a week. (176 Hillcrest Lane, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3017; 313-885-0934).
“Mary Lou Melcher is still living in a condominium she bought 30 years ago! Few stairs and small but comfortable. She lives just six blocks from Harvard, so she is surrounded by activity – and is in a great building. She is courageously facing some significant health issues and is surrounded by care facilities of one kind or another. Taking care of herself keeps her busy; and she has made friends among the many caregivers and other patients she sees each week. She took early retirement in 1985. (617-547-4960).
“Betsy Stanton continues her active life, especially after founding the Friends of Susan B. Anthony House five years ago, and also maintaining close connections with her collegiate alum group of Tri Delta. After her surprise 80th birthday party in 2009, she has written her autobiography, wondering how she got so old without noticing! It is 80 pages long,
so no one will read it, but she is enjoying the process. She has had 21 addresses (due to life, the training of her M.D.
husband; and moves after a divorce)! Now she’s inserting family photos here and there. When she adds a copy of all the Christmas letters and photos, it becomes unmanageable! Betsy and children and grandchildren are all doing well.
(805 Edgewood Av., Rochester, NY, 14618; 585-244-8134;”
CDS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Brent McKee
(Shirley Jerome)
9820 Oakhurst
Holly, MI 48442-8610
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. John H. Williams
(Norah M. Moncrieff)
502 Glen Arbor Lane
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1506
CDS Class Secretary:
Mrs. William P. Fisher
(Constance Woodall)
1485 Kingswood Terrace
Harbor Springs, MI 49740-92222
“We are sorry to report the loss of two of our classmates: Sally Watters Yudelman and Lee Macmahon Adams. Lee’s friend sent the last few lines of a poem Lee had written: You open your eyes, when you’re sure you just died, and you find that you just fell, dropped UP — out of nowhere and slid to the center of Some Other Sky.
“For the rest of us, this past year has contained a significant birthday, one with a zero in it. Many of us celebrated the occasion with family and friends and enjoyed being Queen for a Day.
“There are a number of travelers in our midst. Gaynor Jones Buesser visited Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Turkey last year and will be off to Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia this spring. When she was at home in Bermuda last fall, she enjoyed seeing Gertie ford cutler who, Gaynor insists, hasn’t changed a bit.
“Bette-Burr Meader Fenley and Greene have their travels down pat: In the winter they are in the Florida Keys; they go to new York City in May to be with daughter Sally, to Maine or Michigan in the summer months, and the north Carolina beach in September. Every other year, Bette-Burr and Sally take an eco-tour, the last few being whale-watching (Baja Peninsula), Costa Rica, the Galapagos, Africa, the Amazon, and a dude ranch in Wyoming. When Bette-Burr unpacks, it’s near Chapel Hill, N.C.
“Gertie Ford Cutler quite often takes her golf clubs on her travels. She has my vote as the most athletic of our class, playing paddle tennis in the winter to keep her in shape for some serious golf the rest of the year. She and her family have fun at their Martha’s Vineyard house. When not there, Gertie is at her condo in Concord, Mass.
“Another athletic classmate is Weezie Fitzsimons Toomey. When she wrote, she was on her way to Mammoth, Calif., to ski. She also takes an annual trip on a Mexican fishing boat to the Sea of Cortez where she and her friends snorkel, fish, kayak and ‘just have a great time.’ When at home in San Diego, Weezie walks and swims regularly and volunteers at the Natural History Museum (in the Botany department), and as a traveler’s aide at the airport.
“Sally Ives Foster and Jack travel back and forth between their two homes, one in Burr Ridge, Ill. and the other near
Rondeau Park in Ontario. We (Connie Woodall Fisher and Bill) still ‘double date’ with the Fosters on a regular basis.
Sally loves watching professional tennis, reading, gardening, and being with family.
“Not that those of us who don’t travel so much are sitting around twiddling our thumbs. Pat Fildew Kaltwasser has the distinction of being our longest employed classmate – 30+ years, and she would still be working if the Troy Public Library hadn’t had budget cuts (and will close its doors in April). Pat is adjusting to retirement quite well, enjoying more leisurely lunch dates and reading time and not having to set the alarm clock. Pat and Penny Kemp Donald stay in touch. Penny keeps busy with kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.
“Nona Hemmeter Wittlinger loves living in her condo in Los Altos, Calif. She has made many new friends and stays busy with bridge, lunch dates and theater trips. Her travels take her to visit her kids in Stockton, Calif.; Reno, and Phoenix.
“Ann Whittingham Smith wrote of her abiding love for the French language, which dates back to 1944-1948 and
Mademoiselle Goubet. Ann spent her junior year (at Sweet Briar) in Paris and has continued her interest by being an active, 40-year member of the Alliance Francaise of Northwestern Connecticut. She writes: ‘I guess what I am trying to say is how much I appreciate the wonderful education we shared — and who knew where it would lead?!’
“As for me, Connie Woodall Fisher, the days fly by and I don’t know where they’ve gone. I love being involved with various study, support, and bridge groups and I enjoy learning on my own — a music appreciation course this past year.
Exercise takes up more time than I wish it did, but the results are good. Beaucoup thanks to those who responded to my plea for news!”
DUS Class Secretary:
Mr. Frank P. Wilton
123 North Grove Street
East Aurora, NY 14052-1744
“Dick and Janet Fruehauf had their trip to Africa with their family and saw the  Big Five in Botswana and South Africa.  Highlights included the Victoria Falls Bridge and their son, Ken, swimming with the great white sharks, while he was safely in a shark cage.
“Joe Maycock reports the arrival of their fifth grandchild, which led to their trip to Boston to visit him. Spring 2011 plans included Hilton Head Island, S.C., and a little warmer weather. Joe was very complimentary about the outstanding job Joe Healey has done as the current Head Master, which includes one of the best high school basketball teams in Michigan and an outstanding boys hockey club. “Ronnie and Lucy Milner are looking forward to the boating season, which will include trips to the Old Club on Harsens Island, Lake St. Clair, and the St. Clair River in their boat Highlander III. “Dave and Helga Mitchell continue to enjoy living in Lexington, Ken. on a thoroughbred horse farm.  
“Jack and Sally Foster ’48 (CDS) had a memorable summer gathering at their cottage in Canada, which included Jack’s brother, Bill ’51 (DUS) and their children and grandchildren from all over the United States. Like many of us, the grandchildren are either still in college or starting their careers.”
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Orval Opperthauser
(Ann T. Bolton)
41140 Fox Run Road #610
Novi, MI 48377-4845
“It is with great sadness that I report the
death of Joan FitzSimons Barry on
December 22, 2010. I went over to Tampa
for her memorial service and saw Ann
FitzSimons Gotfredson ’47 (LIG). I am so
grateful I saw Joan last spring in Tampa.
“I must also report that Nancy Burgess
Torgerson has had another setback – a
stroke. We all wish her a speedy and full
DUS Class Secretary:
Mr. William J. Cudlip II
284 McKinley Avenue
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3460
CDS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Myron R. May
(Joan Dryden)
424 Kilmer Way
The Villages, FL 32162-5084
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Norman C. Esler, Jr.
(Barbara Allen)
43422 W. Oaks Dr. #332
Novi, MI 48377-3300
Mrs. Kay (Jordan) Phillips
14421 N. Ibsen Drive, Apt. A
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-2102
1953 * We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
1954 * We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
GPUS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Alfred R. Reuther, Jr.
(Jane Weaver)
81 Lewiston Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3612
“Vicki Vidal has been elected to the Board
of Directors of Theatre West, a nonprofit
organization in Hollywood. She is also
enjoying a tutorial being offered by her
cousin, Gore Vidal.”
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Gael McFarland
(Gael Webster)
212 20th Avenue
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785-3840
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Joanne (Streit) Stewart
5 Debeaufain Drive
Bluffton, SC 29909-2500
GPUS Class Secretaries:
Lylas Good Mogk, MD
1000 Yorkshire
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230-1432
George Jerome
40 Edgemere Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3709
“This is the spring Perspective, but the news is nearly all about winter, and such a winter! Michigan has been a true winter wonderland, as our license plates claim, since mid-December, with two months of solid snow-covered lawns, and shoveled drifts shoulder high. Wonderful to look at; a bit less wonderful if your goal is to get from point A to point B locally, nationally or internationally.
Many of us have surely spent much time in airports this year.
“Winter even found Texas: Connie Finn Auten writes: ‘Don’t tell us Arlington, Texas people about SNOW and ice. We’ve had it! However, it does bring back soft fuzzy remembrances. Think about us tomorrow as the big game is being played. I personally will be on my couch having a warm Toddie.’ Colleen McMahon Orsatti chimes in from New Jersey:
“I know that you love what winter delivers in the form of snow but after having had the snowiest January on record and still being buried, I’m ready to see some green grass and hopping robins.”
“Classmates in the southeast, however, are more mellow and able to focus on activities that don’t involve winter. Barbara Beam Denison writes: ’George and I are still in Bethesda, Md., but with an empty nest, except for when any of our three daughters and families visit from northern California where they all live. Our activities remain the same as many years ago. George is busy with lobbying on Capitol Hill and I with my framing business. Tennis came to a halt when the knees and hip gave out — having to be replaced — so golf is the sport of choice. That would make my Daddy proud.’ “I, Lylas Good Mogk, have to add that in 1986 I was enormously privileged to join the ophthalmology practice that Beam’s ‘Daddy’ founded and that later became part of the Henry Ford Department of Ophthalmology, where I still practice. As a perk of my practice, I was invited to speak at a conference in Rome this past December, where it snowed! To complete the circle, Beam’s sister, Dolly Niemann, whom I did not know in high school, has been a lifelong friend since marrying my husband Jack’s close college friend.
“Also from greater D. C., Avery Kimerly Burns, who shares the award with Colleen and Julie for best correspondents, writes: ‘My news is fairly tepid and uninteresting: no travels except back and forth to Leland; happily a no-problem surgical procedure, and, as always, the theater. Just finished designing props for Chekov’s “The Seagull” — HUGE props show. Tomorrow I start on “Stage Door” which should be relatively easy. Am very excited to be designing makeup for a production of “Cats” a year from now. ’ “And from much farther south, our sole male correspondent Tom Purdy reports: ‘We sold our home in Orlando last June and moved up to N.C. for the summer. Then we bought a home in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., to be closer to the water for fishing and closer to N.C. (driving time about an hour). So life has changed and our new address is: 1087 Red Maple Way, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, 386-402- 7595. It’s time!’
“Back to snowy Michigan, an enthusiastic note from Julie Cudlip Whitman: ‘Hello to the great Class of 1956! I hope you are all in fine fettle. My kids, dog and I are just fine. Let’s hear from the rest of you. We want to know what you are up to. My activities are walking my beloved dog, Patches, bridge, yoga, and volunteering for Tau Beta Association, which helps support the Children’s Center in downtown Detroit. In acrylic painting I’m exploring wind, motion, color, and light. It’s really fun. I think I’m going on two trips in 2011. The first is to the South of France to a rented villa for a week with seven other ladies. We plan to tour a small area, eat, play bridge, and I get to practice my French! There’s a possibility of a trip to Thailand and Burma but I’m just exploring that. I really want to know what everyone else is doing. Come on, fess up! Lots of love, Julie.’
“The consensus is that our 55th reunion in May will be a small dinner, mainly of us locals, but our 60th in 2016, will be a big one with all those reporting above planning to come plus George and Gloria Mack and Cinda (Rogers) and Hank Bartel and many others. Put May, 2016, on your calendars for the best party of septuagenarians ever!
“In the meantime we welcome your news, thoughts, comments on your own lives and experiences, on the country or the world, which certainly gives much cause for pause and room for comment-ary. We wish you all good health and good luck and good spirit to enjoy it.”

Liggett Class Secretary:
Diane Bedford Svenonius
736 Silver Spring Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910-4661
GPUS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Paul Decker
(Suzie Sisman)
77 Muskoka Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3009
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Lois E. Hutchison
(Lois Dickinson)
135 Cochise Drive
Sedona, AZ 86351-7928
Mary Warren Eick writes: “After a long fall and winter of disability, my husband, David, is on the mend. He broke his leg on July 3 in Canada, then injured it again on Labor Day. Through the grace of God and a really good orthopedic surgeon and excellent physical therapists, he is now walking without a cane most of the time, driving himself to his part-time research meetings and enjoying life again. This is not what we envisioned for retirement, but it is better than it could have been. Now that I am not caring for him all the time, I am back to painting and being a parish nurse (volunteer job at church). Since all six grandchildren live nearby, there is never a dull moment. We do have one trip planned to San Diego, then up to Canada in May for the summer. I hope all is well with the rest of the class of ’58. My granddaughter needed a poodle skirt for a dance this spring, so Nana made one. Sure brought back memories of our wild and crazy days at Liggett.”
Diane Finkel Hubert reports: “Hoping all is well with you. Not a day passes that I don’t think about Wendy and send positive energy her way. I can only imagine how difficult it must be when one’s life becomes driven by disease. I thank the forces that be that I have my health. I have been lucky so far and never take tomorrow for granted. All is very well in northern Michigan. Lots of snow and lots of skiing. We drive about 1.5 hours north to Boyne Highlands.
“In January, we chartered a 36-foot trawler with another couple from our boat club. We picked up the boat in Sarasota and cruised the Intercoastal Waterway south. For anyone who might know this part of Florida, we stopped in Venice, Useppa Island, Punta Gorda, Pelican Bay, Englewood and Sarasota Harbor Bay. Mild temperatures, lots of dolphins and great bird life, particularly in the less inhabited areas. We’re used to a sailboat, so the trawler was a lot less work! “In late April we have a planned river cruise in France. We start in Paris, cruise north to Burgundy and return to Paris over eight days, stopping at sights along the way. When we return to Paris we are staying an additional three nights to take in as much of the city as is doable in three days. We are going with friends and anticipate a great experience. We arrive back home on May 5 if all travel goes well. Just in time to launch our boat on May 7. “Our children and their children are all healthy and making their way in life. Work remains enjoyable. The children’s museum just had its annual fundraising gala last night.
“My mantra these days is: If not now, when? I wish you all good health and lots of laughter.”
Wendy Martin Blair writes: “Most of you are aware, I think, that I became ill in December, and was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since then, I have been mostly living in Scottsdale and availing myself of treatment options which are greater here than in Prescott. Also there is the huge benefit of having my boys in my almostdaily life since they both live here. And I am more accessible to my mother who wants to spend time with me. I had been fixing up a small place in Scottsdale to spend time when John wanted to go prospecting, and now we are living here. We have put the house in Prescott on the market, having decided that we want to live smaller, but given that the real estate market is also ill, I don’t expect any immediate changes. I have been through two of six chemo treatments, and some radiation —hoping for the best when the evaluation comes in June. Both Allison and Martha F-G have been here for visits, and Linda is keeping in close and appreciated contact. I recently brought some of my jewelry-making inventory here so that I can get busy on days I feel good. Thank you to Diane and Lois and Sandy for the good wishes and suggestions. I love my life and hope to be annoying you all for years to come!” You can follow Wendy’s healing progress at wendyblair.
Linda Weingarden Roth writes: “Slowly, work is starting up again in Michigan. (I hope. I hope.) People we designed and quoted three years ago are calling — wanting their projects done. Our clients were and are executives in the automotive industry. The automotive industry is awarding bonuses again — the money that pays for home remodeling projects. I’m thrilled and very happy for them and us. “I’ve kept myself busy over these last three, lean years painting and blogging — about my painting, life’s happenings, whatever is on my mind, (www.lwroth. com - Drawing-of-the-Day). Thanks to Liggett, writing is a strong point. Thanks to God, painting is another. The two have kept me busy over the last year and some. I love both, but never wanted to make a career of either one. I do love designing and building for people so they can be happy in their living spaces. Ellis and I are the design/build team, in partnership for 50-plus years and holding — healthy and the enthusiastic grandparents of five grandchildren, and soon to be great-grandparents. (I’ve decided to be called GG.)
“Since our 50th high school reunion, I’ve renewed friendship with Helene Schwartzberg Last, and more recently with Allison Lewis Friedman. These friendships from childhood are the most amazing. We started talking as if we had just been together yesterday instead of decades ago. We grew up together and now, we are busy trying to find the gold in our ‘golden years.’ ” (Ellis and Linda celebrated 50 years of marriage last year.)
Donna Sisk Carl reports: “All is well here. Still traveling — had a wonderful trip to Israel, then had a three-week Caribbean cruise while snow, ice, and cold hit the Midwest. Family is keeping busy! Another grandson graduates from college (CMU) in May, and another grandson graduates high school in Indiana in early June. With each passing year, the time seems to go even faster — Bob and I attempt to keep up and enjoy each of the years. Our best to you all.”
“Dianne Neff Kabbush lost her first born daughter (she had five daughters) on April 29, 2009. Michelle had an adverse reaction to some medication and died unexpectedly. Dianne is still missing her terribly since they were very close. Dianne has raised her adopted son who is now 21 years old and starting college. Also she is caring for her middle daughter, Patti, who is wheelchair bound from MS and has only limited vision. I’m hoping Dianne will visit Sedona soon. She said that Michelle loved this area and Dianne wants to scatter her ashes here. Dianne will celebrate her 70th birthday on July 5, which may make her the youngest member of our class.
“Nancy Phillips will also be celebrating her 70th birthday this summer. I haven’t heard from her and her e-mail was returned. I sent an express mail package requesting a response from her, but I have not heard anything yet. “Marilyn Wood Holleran is still teaching English; she may work one more year. She was in Detroit in December to celebrate Aunt Renee’s 92nd birthday. Their son is with the Air Force in Colorado Springs, where she and Tom like to visit with him and their 5-year-old granddaughter.
Tom had back surgery last year at Johns Hopkins and is fine now and still working with the FCC from home. They have a new puppy and are finding that it’s a lot of work.” Lois writes: “We are also dealing with a new puppy who has turned out to be a large female black lab, bred to be a huntress and tipping the scales at 75 pounds. I’ve grown a lot stronger from just taking her for walks every day. I feel like a light weight after Linda told me that along with three boys she and Ellis had a 125-pound male black lab. Aside from dog duty, I am still working at our day spa doing massage and healing work. I love my work and have no thoughts about retiring, so of course Denis wants to retire and pursue other adventures. It makes life interesting. My half-sister, whom I had not met while I was at Liggett, turns 89 this month (March) and we are heading to La Jolla, Calif. to celebrate with her. My 85- year old half-brother will be there too. My family is long-lived and healthy. My best to all of you. You are all on my healing list and I wish you all the best of health.”
“Birgit Dahlen Hopkes was recovering from a broken arm eight months ago. Recently she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her second-oldest daughter is an RN. Her son is a chef and her youngest daughter is married with three kids. Hank and Birgit have eight grandkids. “Susie Kreis Champine is dealing with breast cancer. She was diagnosed last Thanksgiving and although the cancer was relatively small, she has a gene which makes it likely to recur. She is now undergoing more chemo treatments to prevent any reoccurrence. The kids are OK. Their first grandchild will graduate from college this year and can’t wait to get started as a teacher. Another grandchild is majoring in law enforcement — must be Russ’ influence. Russ and Sue are still dancing with their club group when she is between chemo treatments. They have a great-grandchild now. Susie turns 70 in March this year. Her sister Sandy and her husband live in Lakeland, Fla. near their son, David.
“Martha Sanford sent a Christmas card and writes that the family photo (of her two sons, their wives and three grandchildren) was taken in November, 2010, when her mother’s relatives gathered to celebrate her life. She lived to be almost 99 years old. ‘We (28 or so) had a joyful weekend, with speeches and parties. I kept thinking that Mother would have loved this. On the left in the photo are son Michael, Leigh, Cadel (9) and Rhys (6). On the right in the photo are son Peter, Nancy and Barrett (22 months).’”  
GPUS Class Secretary:
Robin Duke Harris Russell
Two Flagler Drive
Rye, NY 10580-1848
“Julianne McMillan Bockius has had great success with her photography, which has been displayed in several Florida museums as well as selling occasionally around the world in such far-off locales as India. You will want to enjoy her work as seen around the Internet – Flickr, DPChallenge, WhatBird, Meetup, Facebook, etc. As well, about 50 of her bird photos are included in the iBird apps for iPhone, iPad and Adroid. Julianne and Larry lost their youngest daughter, Cory, several years ago; their oldest, Dandi, lives in Pittsburgh with her 18-year-old son, Ransom. “Janet Old Cochran enjoyed an Elderhostel (now Road Scholar) intergenerational trip to the Grand Canyon with one grandson so much that she is going to repeat the experience this summer in Yellowstone with two more grandsons. She also keeps busy as secretary for her Osher Lifelong Learning Institute which has almost 1,000 members.
“Ever on the road, Melinda Bryan Earle reports that ‘my suitcase and I have become great pals.’ September found her cruising up the Mekong River to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat — ‘a fabulous experience.’ In December, she was afloat on the Rhine to visit the German Christmas markets, and this April will see her on the Elbe from Prague to Berlin. She is also working hard perfecting her shooting technique in preparation for the World Shoot in France this July. And, she is still heavily involved with GCA judging and entering flower shows around the country. “Joel Gershenson writes only that his daughter and her husband moved to D.C. in August and that his granddaughter, Chloe, turned four in January. However, he, as well as Melinda and myself, are all interested in having a 55th reunion — 2014 — similar to our 50th. Anyone else out there who shares our enthusiasm for such a project? Let me know at rdhr@
“Elena Grossi Gilioli writes that no news is good news, which is very good news for her, given her on-going struggle with cancer. She keeps busy running her houses and gardens – ‘the upkeep is enormous and the tenants tend to be restless beings.”
“Your secretary, Robin Harris Russell, also writes that there is no news of any substance in her life. I have just begun a three-year term on the University Liggett School Alumni Board of Governors and have thoroughly enjoyed working with an exceptionally bright and enthusiastic group of alums. George and I are looking forward to a three-week trip this spring to Italy — and a visit with Elena in Florence — which will be a most welcome respite from what is turning out to be a longer than anticipated recovery from my fourth spinal surgery, a 7-1/2 hour procedure which involved eight screws, 43 staples and a titanium gismo George refers to as my scaffolding.
“Last July I had a long letter from Robin Lepard Ward who has also been living the peripatetic life — trips to Charlottesville, Boston (to visit with daughter Alexandra), New Haven (the Mellon Museum) and Denver (son Ceil and family). Martha Sanford ’58 (LIG) (in middle) with her two sons, their wives and grandchildren Michael, Leigh, Cadel and Rhys.
“And finally, and with great sadness, George Haggarty wrote to me that our classmate, David Templeton, died on February 11. As you know, he had Alzheimer’s disease, which progressed to the point where he was no longer taking nourishment. For the last three months, he had been placed in an assisted living facility in Denver, and he had wonderful hospice care for the last 2-1/2 weeks. No funeral or memorial service was scheduled. However, sometime this summer, Jane and David’s family will scatter his ashes in the Steamboat Springs area where both he and Jane loved to hike. Although afflicted with Alzheimer’s for several years, David enjoyed relatively good physical health thanks to daily walks with his dog, Theo. In addition to Jane, David is survived by his children, Alexis and Joshua, and four grandchildren. Should anyone wish to send a note of condolence to Jane, she can be reached at or 28551 Western Court, Evergeen, CO 80439.”
1959 * We would love for someone to be a Liggett class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Thomas Molesky
(Anne C. Wrigley)
19540 Butternut
Southfield, MI 48076-1764
Anne writes: “We had a marvelous 50th reunion weekend last May. The luncheon was very well attended — Mary Alice Clark Ferguson, Ingrid Sandecki, Bonnie Wilson Tolman Skoryanc and I were in attendance. We had lovely notes from Carol Weiss Weinstein and Sue Wigderson Koppel which were shared by fellow classmates. We sang the Liggett school song with the assistance of Judie Schneider Bailey Gillis ’57 (LIG). The cocktail party was fun. Gwenny Bennett Gugino and her husband, Jim, Natalie Deloe Riewe and her husband, Gordie, Karin Ryding and her husband, Victor Litwinski, Bonnie Wilson Tolman Skoryanc, Tom and I, and my sister, Alice Wrigley Baetz ’64 (LIG) and her husband, Andy, had a great time. “The dinner that followed was so intimate and great. Natalie and Gordie, Karin and Victor, Bonnie and Tom and I had a wonderful time. ”
Gwenny Bennett Gugino writes: “Jim and I had a great time visiting with fellow Liggett and GPUS classmates during the reunion cocktail party. Tom and I really enjoyed their Christmas card which was a photo of them with their two tabby cats.” Natalie Deloe Riewe writes: “Our 50th reunion was great and everyone who attended very much enjoyed it. Too bad more classmates were not able to join us. The dinner was exceptional. We had a private dining room so it was quiet and easy to visit with everyone. It was the first time that we had met Karin’s husband, Victor, and we all really enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know him. He has a great sense of humor and is very conversational. In March, Gordie and I will be going to Las Vegas to attend an antique auction.”
Karin Ryding writes: “I have such fond memories of ‘the good old days’ — Indian Village, The Liggett School and the Detroit Boat Club. After Alumni Weekend last year, Victor and I went up north to look at property. We are now proud owners of a property that used to belong to my cousins. It is steps from the beach and is near East Tawas, in Alabaster. We now have a summer home, but it needs a lot of work.”
Ingrid Sandecki writes: “Coincidental to the milestone of our 50th reunion was a privileged invitation for me to address the young women of the University Liggett School 2010 graduating class at their Ring Day ceremony. As excited as the students were, and deserved to be, little could they realize that my role in their celebration was also movingly memorable for me: the flood of emotion emanating from distant Liggett memories, the profound pride in bearing alumnus status, and perhaps the significance and worth of my 45-year academic career in higher education with its specialty in the history of women in western civilization. It was as a historian of women that I addressed these young women to commemorate, congratulate, and to inspire them on to life’s next chapter in a world full of greater possibilities than 50 years ago. How could I not recall our own Katherine Ogden, that paragon of integrity and dignity, commitment and education, accomplishment and leadership, standing before us exuding pride in ‘her girls’ with every expectation that would live up to the Liggett creed to achieve and be fulfilled.” Margaret Warren Kenny writes, “Frank and I were not able to attend any of the 50th reunion festivities, due to four different operations I had last year. On December 28, 2010, I had a titanium hip replacement — it was a ‘piece of cake’ and I feel good now. I have physical therapy three times a week at home. My mother, Gladys, moved to a home last November that is less than a mile from us. She is doing well.”
Sue Wigderson Koppel writes, “My life so far continues to be filled with excitement and adventure. The trips to Kroger are filled with fruits and vegetables from as far away as Texas. I went on a cruise the other day to Wal-Mart and was stunned by the lavish floral displays of mostly live flowers. I know everyone is jealous of my fun-filled existence, but what can I say? My years at Liggett have prepared me for the whirlwind of day-to-day living. We seem to spend most of our time going from one child to another, and then for glamour, we go to see my sister or my husband Paul’s brother. Our oldest daughter is still living outside Portland, Ore., but may be moving in the near future, depending on a job. I’d like to get her in a closer time zone. Our middle daughter is still living in Wellington, New Zealand with our two grandsons. They are a true joy in my life, and as I tell friends, “these are the children I never had.” We go there twice a year and they come here twice a year so we get to see them more than we are entitled to, given the distance. We also do fabulous things while we are there such as trips to the cleaners, sledding into the grocery store and attending the fabulous Broadway productions at their elementary school.
Aren’t you envious? Our son lives in Chicago and just started a new job as a medical consultant to an IT software company. Hal sold his practice but won’t let go yet so he is still working mostly full time, plus I changed all the locks on the house and won’t let him in until 6 p.m. This is my year for working on boards and am very involved in our local soup kitchen/crisis center. I’ve volunteered and been on the board for 17 years so am on a first name basis with most of the bums in town. It’s been a labor of love for me and I think I get more from it than the people we help. That’s all the news from beautiful Arkansas. Come see me if you’re ever in the neighborhood.”
Bonnie Wilson Tolman Storyanc writes: “Our 50th reunion was really fun. The luncheon, cocktail party and dinner were certainly to be remembered with fond memories of our Liggett days. My husband, Jim, has had health problems and unfortunately was not able to be with us. Retire as soon as you can to relax and have fun. My mother is 90 years old and still lives on her own, but her companion is currently in the hospital and not doing well. Jim’s children came to visit us at Christmas so that was fun. I continue to take care of my daughter’s children each day while my daughter continues to pursue her college degree. Unfortunately, I have to have surgery on my left knee later this year. The hospital is in Sault Ste. Marie, and the new rehab building is right next door. I will schedule the operation as soon as my daughter’s children are out of school. In July, another daughter is getting married in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am so much looking forward to being there.’”
GPUS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Michael Schultes
(Alice Gage)
511 Lakeland
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230- 1268
Howard Keys lives in Michigan with his wife Wendy and is the father of David Keys ’07.
GPUS Class Secretary:
Mrs. John P. Shanle
(Marion Polizzi)
21 North Duval Road
Grosse Pointe Shores, MI 48236-1108
Marion writes: “The GPUS class of ’61 is excited about celebrating reunion number 50! Many are coming from great distances to renew friendships and share experiences. Here’s to each of us who is able to go ‘back to school’ with the only assignment being ‘to have fun!’ And for those of us who must skip class – we promise to share our class notes!”
GPUS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Thomas E. White
(Susan Adams)
11 East Bay Boulevard
Spring, TX 77380- 2997
Susan writes: “Well, here we go with our first report!! I was actually surprised with the response, and it was great fun hearing what everyone has been up to!! “I’ll begin with my last 49 years!! OMG!! I married Tom White in 1969 and we spent 23 years in the Army. Most exciting place we lived was Fulda, Germany, for six years in two different assignments. Really a wonderful time, and the Army is a terrific place to be and to raise children. After Tom retired to take a new job at Enron we moved to Houston, Texas where we have been for the last 21 years, except for three years when we moved to D.C. for a job with the Bush Administration. Interesting time! Back to Houston we came and think this is it for us. We have three children, Tommy (40), who is married to Cinder and lives in New York City with our 8-year-old grandson, Thomas. Chuck (36) is here in Houston with us, and Katie (34) lives half the year in Florida and the other half in upper Michigan. We have, believe it or not, moved 49 times and I don’t think we’re finished yet! Well enough about me. I’ll save the rest of the story for the next Perspective!!”
First up is Harrop Miller. He reports: “Thanks for taking this on. I hope you get a good response. I’ll help in any way I can. If there is a 50th reunion event I’ll be there God willing and if the creeks don’t rise. I’ll start with some old news you may have forgotten or perhaps never knew. My grandfather, Rudolph Flintermann and Sharkey’s grandfather, Carl Flintermann, were brothers, making us second cousins. Rudolph and Bliss Caulkins’ grandfather, Edward B. Caulkins, started the Michigan Steel Casting Company in 1907; Rudy as president and manager; Mr. Caulkins as secretary; and Rudy as the metallurgist. I think Mr. Caulkins put up the money and Rudy and his wife built the house at 1114 Berkshire in 1926. “I have practiced urology in Abilene, Texas, since 1978. I have been married twice, have a son in Boston, a daughter in Austin, and a step-daughter who is a senior at Texas Tech. I have served as president of my county Medical Society and the Texas Urological Society, no grandchildren.
“I had salivary gland cancer surgery at M.D. Anderson in 1987; that’s gone. I was assaulted by an escaped psychiatric patient with a fire extinguisher in my Honda s2000 roadster while sitting at a red light in March 2007. I ejected him by accelerat-ing and fishtailing through the inters-ection, and then crashing. An electric contractor crew tied him up till the police arrived. I could not make that up, only in west Texas!!
“Fifteen months later I rolled over the replacement vehicle, a three-ton Chevy Duramax diesel pickup pulling an Airstream trailer. Truck and trailer totaled. My wife and I fortunately not. Lisa and I live in a 1928 house that could perfectly well be in Grosse Pointe or Indian Village. We have five dogs and four cats. Lisa is an RN but is currently going to school to become a drug and alcohol counselor as well.
“Lisa has several cousins living in and around Houston. One, Payton Davenport, lives with her husband, Dan, on West Shale Creek in The Woodlands. Another suffers from multiple sclerosis. Payton, Lisa and others will be riding in the M5150 bike ride from Houston to Austin April 14-15. I will just be watching them come in on Sunday! I have kept up to varying degrees with the following: Bliss Caukins, Dave Hodges, Sandy Blain, Paul Sheridan, Dave Wood, John Van De Graaf and Don Owens. I vote that anyone ever in our class be invited. Who have we lost? Dan Piggins, Johnny Lambrecht. I think maybe Teddy Edwards and Robin Marks. Do you know? There we have it. Past, present, and future. I have used up some of my nine lives, but I think I have a few left!”
Sarah Keys writes “I retired a few years ago but am keeping busy with part-time work as a cashier at a local golf store, playing golf, doing volunteer work — in general enjoying all the retiree stuff. I still live in metro Detroit and am planning on going to the 50th reunion.”
Angie Bayne Walsh reports: “I am on oxygen for COPD and preliminary hypertension. I am still mobile and keep busy with family and friends and pulmonary maintenance (exercise) twice a week. I love the snow when it’s falling — it’s beautiful, but it gets cold. I have not been back to G.P., or out of New England since I have been on oxygen. It’s usually day trips. I look forward to hearing more. My e-mail address is”
Penny Langston Alexander writes: “It has been quite a long time since I have had contact with anyone from school, except my sister, Star, of course, who lives in Dallas. My parents moved away from Grosse Pointe long ago and my dad died in early 1999 in Dallas, where he had retired. My mother is 95 and has lived in Williamsburg, Va., for quite a while, so I don’t visit Michigan except to visit friends in the UP in the summer.
“My husband Bob and I still live in Tulsa, where I have lived since 1976. It’s hard for me to believe I am an Okie; strike that as I’m probably not one even though I live here. Bob and I own two businesses here and don’t really see any reason to retire at this point. I think we might be considered semiretired. With technology we are able to travel and still keep in touch with our office as needed.
“Between us we have six adult children ranging from age, 40 to 51, but only two live in Tulsa. The others live in Ohio, Florida, Montana, and Idaho. We have 10 grandchildren from age 5 to age 20 and love to see them and watch their progress in life. My sister and her family live in Dallas, and I have another sister in Houston and one in California. We get together as often as we can. I enjoy all sorts of activities from skiing to a women’s basketball team to pickle ball; both Bob and I enjoy supporting our grandsons’ basketball and football teams and school activities in Tulsa. I am in a couple of book clubs, a play-reading group, and a Great Books group at the University of Tulsa.
“When I first moved here I was sure it was truly Indian Territory but Tulsa is a beautiful city in an area of Oklahoma called Green Country. We love it here and will probably never leave. It is, however, easy to get away to any part of the country and we try to travel often. We spent 10 years building and enjoying a log home on the ski slopes of Whitefish, Mont., but sold it a year ago. We still love it there, but there’s a whole world out there to see too. It’s a bit difficult to condense what I’ve been doing in one e-mail, and I won’t go on and on with the details, but I am happy to be in touch, and have many wonderful memories of GPUS and friends there.”
Rosalie Morrison Kogan reports: “I had just been in Sanibel where I met a Liggett grad a few years younger than we are who was related by marriage to David Weisberg — she told me he passed away at age 28 from cancer. Sad.
“I’m sure we have lost other classmates as well. So many years to catch up on. I retired this fall after almost eight years as a social worker at Walter Reed in Bethesda, working with our wounded soldiers and their families. It was the highlight of my professional career, and a great privilege to work with these brave men and women. Their sacrifices for our country are enormous, whatever one thinks of the war. I continue to volunteer at WRAMC for the Red Cross. 
“We have three children and four grandchildren who live in Boston and Philadelphia so we are on the road a lot to visit. I have spent most of my adult life in D.C. with the exception of 10 years in Kalamazoo, where we went for my husbands’ career and raised our youngest son. We have been back here for the last nine years and now my husband is semiretired. As a physician he has a lot of part time options. We also do a bit of traveling and were in Turkey in the spring, and going to Costa Rica next month! “
Liz Leach Smith reports: “We are all too young to have a 50th reunion!! Thought I would contact you immediately as I still have a house full of relatives; as soon as they are out the door tomorrow I am packing to go to Mexico for three months! Once in Mexico, I will have time to give you my news. If you don’t hear from me, e-mail to remind me or just put down that I am on the beach reading!! Hope to hear from you and hope that you are successful in hearing from many. We should all have pretty long stories by now.”
Brooke Harrington writes: “I have moved to Cushing, Maine. The e-mail address I use is”
John Van De Graaf reports: “Indeed it has been a long time since high school, and a reunion would be fun. Happy to provide some info on us. I’m still practicing law as a probate and estate planning lawyer, but only working part-time these days. I’m still married to Laurie, who is amazingly still able to put up with me these days! “We love it here in Austin, Texas, and we are very happy we moved here 15 years ago. Our daughter, Jennifer, is married and works for a major engineering company in its IT department. She has our only grandchild, Erin, who just turned 5 in October. They live in southern New Jersey, so we don’t get to see them very often, and not nearly as often as we would like. “Our son Derek is married and living in Portland, Ore. So we have both coasts covered, with us in the middle. Derek does programming for an interactive video company. I got to spend a week with Derek last summer and we had a great time. My sisters Meg (Van De Graaf), Shannon ’63 GPUS, and Tina ’77 now live in West Palm Beach and we get to see them occasionally. They both went to Liggett, too. I’m looking forward to hearing how everyone else is doing. We occasionally get to see Harrop Miller and his wife, Lisa, here in Texas and we exchange Christmas cards with a couple of GPUS classmates.” 
Sandy Blain writes: “Sharon and I have lived on Roosevelt Place in Grosse Pointe City for many years. I’m retired from a career made up mostly of management consulting and the development, training and instillation of software for manufacturing firms. The job required a lot of extended travel and I am very happy to only see the inside of airports now when I am picking up our sons for the holidays, or just for a visit. Sharon finished a career in pediatric nursing, and is now a classroom assistant at Grosse Pointe South High School. Our son Peter has a career with a financial firm in Boston and son Paul is a middle school math teacher in the Baltimore public school system. My retirement career keeps me out of mischief. For the last four summers (March to November) I’ve worked as a landscaper, planting trees and tending gardens. I’m also catching up on all the reading I was supposed to have done at GPUS!!”
Jeanne Worley Payeur writes: “When I saw the beautiful prep school writing on the envelope I suspected it might be from GPUS alum, but who? Judy Lomax and Harrop Miller were the only alums I knew who lived in Texas, but not having been in touch with anybody since our 25th anniversary party at the Birgbauer’s in 1987, I had no idea where any of our classmates live now!! Hmmmmm. How to condense the past almost-49-years without writing a book. That’s a tall order. So here goes….
“Dave Payeur and I have been married almost 43 years and live in Lancaster, Penn. We have two children and two grandchildren. Son, Rob, lives locally and works for Presbyterian Senior Living, operator of several extended care facilities in the area. His background is in computer science but he does a little bit of everything for PSL. Daughter, Danielle, lives in Lansdale, Penn. and works for Merck. Her background is in chemistry and business management. She and husband Andy are parents of two — a daughter, 5, and a son, 2 . “Dave’s education was in agricultural engineering and business management. He worked for Ford Tractor until FOMOCO acquired agricultural equipment manufacturers Sperry-New Holland and was transferred to Lancaster in 1987. The new company changed hands two additional times, and I retired from CNH in 1999.
“After the big move I took a huge leap of faith and undertook nursing education, becoming a registered nurse with a focus on mental health. After years working in patient clinic and community settings, I accepted a position seven years ago as adjunct clinical facility in the nursing department of Harrisburg Area Community College. My volunteer work is with organizations which promote mental health and assist persons experiencing homelessness.” Anne Pongrace Male reports: “So nice to get your letter! And yes, I too have wondered why Perspective usually has no news of our class when we were such a good group. I am glad you are willing to try to change that. My husband, Dave, and I have left New York for the mountains in western North Carolina. He is busy with finishing and building bamboo fishing rods, and I am busy with knitting, quilting, and jigsaw puzzles. Our daughter is still living in upstate New York (near Lake George) and our son lives and works in Asheville, N.C. I will be excited to read about all the classmates that you can track down and no, I can’t believe that we have been out in the Real World for 50 years!
“What has happened to all the dewy-eyed hopefuls? It will be interesting to read about them!”
Bliss Caulkins Clark writes: “Rumor has it that you are the grand organizer for the 50th at University Liggett School. I know that I am not an official graduate, however, I feel very close to so many of the class that I would love to be included in any activities you have planned, and if you would like me to have a party at my house — dinner — whatever, I would be more than happy to do so.” Cynthia Osgood O’Hare writes: “Nick and I had a great Christmas with my father, Milton, my brother, Paul, along with our children and grandchildren. The Christmas card they sent to us was photos of Christmas in West Lake Village, Calif. As the old saying goes, ‘A picture’s worth 1,000 words.’” Susan Adams writes: “As I finish this, I am in Boca Grande, Fla. and just spent a really nice evening having dinner with Bruce ’60 (GPUS) and Anne Birgbauer ’62 (GPUS) at their house. We did lots of catching up and talked about a reunion meeting, which I will get started on next month. Anne and Bruce are doing great and have four children who keep them busy. Looking forward to hearing from them and you for the next issue of Perspective! Thanks so much for everyone who got back to me — can’t wait to hear more!!”
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Howard Niskar
(Gail Sake)
30030 High Valley Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48331-2143
Marge Van De Graff Shannon writes: “Rob and I are planning a trip to Paris in April. We went with friends last year and enjoyed it so much that we decided to do so again this year. We are renting an apartment again and are very much looking forward to it.”  
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Christopher Sewell
(Karolyn A. Krieghoff)
2046 Camino de los Robles
Menlo Park, CA 94025-5917
GPUS Class Secretary:
Mr. William B. Canfield III
5307 Falmouth Rd.
Bethesda, MD 20816-2916
Karolyn Krieghoff writes: “I am happy to announce the arrival of our third granddaughter, Matilda Lynn Stivers, on January 5, 2011. She lives near my husband and me in northern California with her mother (our daughter Sarah), dad, Matt, and puppy, Merle. Our other two granddaughters, Sophie (10), and Fiona (8), live in southern California with their dad (our son Bill), mother, Lisa, puppy, Delilah, and kitten, Pepper. My husband Chris retired several years ago. Soon thereafter, USAID sent both of us to live in Kazakhstan for two months to help small business owners with marketing and sales. Since our return, Chris now volunteers at the Menlo Park Library with my mother and me, skis as often as possible and loves gardening. I’m still working as a Christian Science practitioner, volunteer at church and the library, and travel with Chris, mostly to visit children and grandchildren. We continue to have our foreign ‘children’ visit us, or we travel to see them as well.”
Sandra Smith Neilson reports: “My news is that I retired as a corporate sales manager in 2009, after 25 years with Qantas Airways, a career which totaled 38 years in the airline industry. Since international travel has featured prominently in my life, I still enjoy leisure travel, and am happy to go to the airport to pick up visitors to my home in Scottsdale, Ariz. I enjoyed a trip to France in October of 2010 with Nancy Smith Johnson ’64 (LIG) to visit a mutual friend, and am looking forward to a trip to Barcelona and Sitges with some friends this coming November. My daughter, Michelle, and her husband Paul (both graduates of ASU), and their two daughters (my only grandchildren) live nearby, so I see them often. Since one of my passions (encouraged by participation in plays at Liggett and being class song-leader) has always been acting and performing, I was invited to be the stage manager for a small production company, and sometimes act in an occasional character part as well.” Mary Elizabeth Low writes: “I just got engaged over Christmas, wedding sometime this summer.”
Susan Hunter reports: “In addition to working for lawyers in San Francisco for the past 35 years (for publishers five years before that), I’ve been making jewelry for the past six years or so. Always have to have a finger in the creative pie or I start to mold. I sell my wares at shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. My daughter Nicole has been working for three years at LucasFilm here in The Presidio. It’s good to have your offspring employed. She says she likes it. Who can argue with that? After losing my husband (not Nicole’s father) six years ago to ALS, I was lucky enough to meet a lovely gentleman who lives about six blocks away from me and we have been going steady for nearly three years. Glass is half-full. I guess I should even say my cup runneth over!”
J.J. L’Heureux writes: “Since my first trip to Antarctica in 2000, where I collected digital images of ice and snow for a white-on-white color field series of landscape paintings, I have returned every season, where I continue to collect images for my extensive digital database. I have traveled as a passenger on a Russian icebreaker, as an art and photography lecturer on adventure cruises and on my own small motor sailor, the Golden Fleece. I have also participated with the South African Penguin Study on Robben Island, South Africa, part of a project with The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Bird. My travels have resulted in two books. The photographs of the penguins in the ‘Good Day Book’ came from 10 different expeditions I made to Antarctica, three of which were as a passenger on two different Russian icebreakers. ‘Faces from the Southern Ocean,’ my most recent book, conveys the sense of intimacy I experienced when I first saw the ‘faces’ of the amazing wildlife that inhabited the desolate con- tinent. I was captivated by faces such as those of the wandering albatross, the elephant seal, the emperor and royal penguins. “My photographs and abstract paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout galleries and museums in the United States and abroad.”
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. Eugenie Corey Wagner
604 Cressfield Lane
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-3105
We would love for someone to be a
Liggett class secretary! Call Michael
Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or
e-mail him at
Liggett Class Secretary:
Mrs. David W. Brown
(Michael Marten)
73144 Carrizo Circle
Palm Desert, CA 92260-6650
GPUS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Jani DuCharme Gunsaulus
74 Essex Road
Ipswich, MA 01938-2548
Robert Bingham writes: “Although I wasn’t a particularly good student at GPUS I have endeavored to continue my education nevertheless. I read an average of one book a week — fiction, history, nonfiction. Whatever I can get my hands on. It’s a habit I learned young in life. My father wouldn’t permit us to watch television on school nights. Ever! Two years of college did nothing for me. But the habits and critical thinking I learned in high school have not failed me totally. I didn’t like going to GPUS at the time particularly, but now I am eternally grateful for having done so. I had some great teachers at GPUS — Richard Trim, Earl Kimber and my senior English teacher. Can’t recall her name but she was quite good. I just wasn’t interested in formal education. Especially after I discovered the guitar in 10th grade. LOL “I might have been flying under the radar in high school, but I was taking it all in. Most of my friends are not musicians nowadays. I don’t mind hanging out with some of them but on the whole I don’t find many of them particularly interesting people. But why should they be? Sitting in a chair and practicing an instrument for eight hours a day in isolation doesn’t make for a well-rounded person. 
“Many, many years ago I played with a piano player, vocalist/organist named Dan Rowles. Dan was a good friend and he went on to be the director and writer for “The Prairie Home Companion” radio show with Garrison Keillor. He held that position for five years before he quit. But I digress. Dan and I were on the road in Colorado playing with Lamont Cranston Band and we roomed together. One night I was grumbling about how much I hated that gig. These were his words to me in response that I will always remember: “‘Bob, you’re too smart for show business.’” Is that funny or what? I quit playing right after that and bought a chainsaw and some land in the North Woods and spent the next five years building my home up there. “Although I still perform 50 or 60 gigs a year, I stopped being a full-time professional musician many years ago. It’s a hobby for me now, and since I get to sit in a chair, I can do it as long as I choose and not look stupid doing it. I play music because I enjoy meeting interesting people who AREN’T musicians. “That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!”  
Liggett Class Secretary:
Ms. Joni W. (Welch) Holinger
229 South Quincy Street
Hinsdale, IL 60521-3949
GPUS Class Secretary:
Mrs. Peter Ferrara
(Miranda C. Herbert)
419 St. Clair St.
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1545
Carol Dunitz, Ph.D. writes: “When I was raising my four daughters I always encouraged them to follow their dreams. Three years ago I decided it was time to start following mine. My first project is a musical about Sarah Bernhardt that I researched, wrote, composed, and perform in.
“My classmates predicted in our 1968 Revista yearbook that I would be ushering at the Fisher in ’78. Could they have foreseen I would be touring in my own show, ‘Bernhardt on Broadway,’ and performing at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial in June, 2011? I have also started research on a new musical about Mary Todd Lincoln. And I am about to launch an Internet marketing business. “My eldest daughter, Helen, is a fine artist who is developing a strong following and actually supports herself with her drawings and etchings. Dorothy, who was a professional photographer for a number of years, just graduated from medical school at UNC and is getting married in August. Risa is working for an Internet marketing company in NYC. And Jocelyn is a freelance photographer and designer. They are following their dreams, too. And like their mother, they all went to U of M. Go Blue!”  
GPUS Class Secretaries:
Ms. Bettye Bee Friedberg Reis
37 W. 72nd Street, Apt. 11B
New York, NY 10023-3488
Rev. Meredith B. Jackson
500 Deepwoods Drive
Valley Grande, AL 36701-0404
GPUS Class Secretary:
Ms. Priscilla Mead
461 South York Street
Denver, CO 80209-2724
Liggett Class Secretary:
Ms. Renee R. McDuffee
480 Lodge Drive
Detroit, MI 48214-4157
Jim Chalat writes: “My son, Harris Chalat, Evergreen (Colorado)High School Football’s 2010 MVP, has committed to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In August, Harris will travel to Cambridge to enroll at MIT, and prepare to play Division 3 football with the MIT Engineers.”
Cilla Mead reports: “All is well with me. Nurturing my graphic design business and being grateful for a happier business climate. Speaking of climate, the weather’s been perfect in Vail. Too perfect. I find myself playing hooky to improve my skiing. Other than that I have been catching up with classmates who must not be named but are in total denial they are reaching their seventh decade this year. You know who you are!”
Liggett Class Secretary:
Ms. Renee R. McDuffee
480 Lodge Drive
Detroit, MI 48214
Renee McDuffee reports: “Dianne Seeber is a marketing communications consultant for ADP (payroll services); University of California, Irvine (Design & Construction Services); Lyon Air Museum (vintage aircraft / autos); and The Salazar Group (commercial real estate advisors) in Irvine, Calif.
“Leslie Caplan Kuerbitz and her husband, Charlie, are excited that their daughter, Jennifer, will wed her fiancé in the Bahamas in May, 2011.”
Class Secretary:
Ms. Shanda Rumble
851 Westchester Way
Birmingham, MI 48009-2917
Shan Rumble reports: “After 40 years ... what can you say? Apparently, not much. Ha ha! I totally understand. Hope no news is good news and you are all sunning in the Bahamas. Hark, there is someone out there. It’s our hero ... George Silvis.
George Silvas declares: “I’m still mucking about with computers and playing at being a scientist. Got a telescope in my backyard and computers all over the house. Been singing with a local community chorus for the past 20 years: still got tenor pipes! My daughter, Melanie, graduates from Cal this year and my son George (aka G3) is off and running at BU.”  
Class Secretary:
Mr. Kevin B. Granger
943 Hidden Lane
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1522
Class Secretary:
Mrs. Anne K. Galyean
225 Mockingbird Trail
Palm Beach, FL 33480-3117
Class Secretary:
Mrs. David Sessions
(Sara Hendrie)
900 Sunningdale
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1670
Sara Hendrie writes: “Alex Girard writes that he is married and has five children, all adults now. His three stepdaughters are all elementary school teachers. His daughter works for AAA and plays in a rock band, Shotgun Soul. His son is attending Oakland Community College. Alex and his wife are enjoying time with their five grandchildren. They live out in the country near Lakeville, Mich. Alex just celebrated his 30 year anniversary with AAA. He is the sales director for the territory from Macomb County to Marquette.”
Eric Fornell reports: “Our daughter, Alison, is a sophomore at Amherst. Oliver is a sophomore at St. George’s School in Newport, and Peter is in fifth grade. I’m on the board at St. George’s along with Bill Prescott. It is great to see him again after all these years. We visited Stacy’s sister and family in Whitefish, Mont., over the Christmas break. My brother-in-law, Ben Stormes ‘75, used the opportunity to teach Peter to ski. We live in Locust Valley, N.Y. I commute to New York City where I work for JPMorgan. One of my responsibilities is to coordinate our investment banking efforts in the alternative/renewable energy sector.” Mark Oetting writes: “I am very pleased to have found a new job in Grand Junction, Colo., and will be moving there with my family in June. I will be the director of preconstruction with FCI Constructors.”  
“Edith Thurber hosted a mini class reunion at her home in Hastings , N.Y. on the Hudson River in July 2010.”
1975* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
1976* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
1977* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444,
ext. 415 or e-mail him at
1978* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444,
ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Class Secretary:
Mrs. Jeffrey Shell
(Catherine Sphire)
185 Ridge Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3554
Esther (Lee) Ford Walsh and her husband, Clune II ’78, live in Birmingham with their three children. Her oldest son, Clune IV, is a freshman at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, N.Y. Lee and her family spend summers at their home on Harbor Point.”
Class Secretary:
Ms. Roxane Lie
29865 SW Rose Lane #5
Wilsonville, OR 97070-8702
Roxane Lie writes: “I am still in Oregon and loving it! Winters in Wilsonville are mild and summers are nice! I lost my Connor Quinn (vizsla) in April 2010. D’artagnan, a 6-year-old vizsla joined my household shortly afterwards. Salus (now 11 1/2 years old, vizsla) and Dart get along very well. My brother Gunther Lie ’91 and his wife, Nancy, welcomed their second child, Zealand, in July 2010. They live in San Francisco, as does my brother, Marc Lie ‘84, wife, Anya and his family. My brother, Lancelot Lie ’86, wife, Vivian, and his girls live in Chicago. They sold their house. My other siblings, Parcival Lie ’88, Tamara Fobare ’92, and Sergei Lie ‘97 live in greater Detroit. Natasha Lie ’94 and Christopher Wilde married in December 2010 (see class of 1994). They now live in Eagle Pass, Texas. Ariadne Lie, ‘98 lives in Denver, Colo. — moved there from Rochester, NY. I can’t believe 1980 was so long ago for us!!”
1981* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Class Secretary:
Mr. Michael Ottaway
252 Cloverly Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3304
“In May 2010, Lori Berger Curcio ‘82, Jody Glancy Scott ‘82, and Elizabeth Rizzo ‘82 held a mini-reunion and acted like sophomores again at Cedar Point! Lori wouldn’t go on the Tilt-A-Whirl but was OK with the Wicked Twister, Jody loves the big roller coasters, and Elizabeth badgered the others into going on Avalanche Run twice.”
1983* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Class Secretary:
Mr. Lawrence Paolucci
1898 Kenmore Drive
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1982
Class Secretary:
Mrs. Michael Starshak
(Andra Hirt)
414 Woodland Court
Glenview, IL 60025-3462
1986* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Bill Louth ’86 recently became engaged to Julie Williams.
Class Secretary:
Ms. Heather C. Diehl
8103 Seldon Trail
San Antonio, TX 78244-2319
Heather C. Diehl writes: “I have recently accepted the position of director of donor services with the San Antonio Area Foundation. Since its inception in 1964, the San Antonio Area Foundation has been a partner in philanthropy with a growing network of dedicated individuals, families, businesses, and community groups. Its mission is to help donors achieve their charitable goals for the greater benefit of the community. I left the Nature Conservancy of Texas where I served as a philanthropy coordinator for the past six years. I am also the conference chair for the District 55 Spring 2011 Conference that will be held in San Antonio. I enjoy being a member of two Toastmasters clubs (Alamo City and Beyond Basics) and a member of SACIV (San Antonio Council for International Visitors).
“Danne L. Bullock Johnson, associate professor of law at Oklahoma City University, has been elected chairwoman of the American Association of Law Schools’ section on Women in Legal Education during the AALS annual meeting in San Francisco. She worked for six years in the enforcement division at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in New York City before becoming an attorney for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. She has been a professor at OCU since 2003. She earned her Juris Doctorate at George Washington University.”
Elizabeth Hader Weiner writes: “The news in our family is that our oldest daughter, Rachel, will be Bat Mitzvahed in July and was just accepted into the jazz band playing saxophone; our second daughter, Anna, has become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and started violin lessons; and Sammy, my youngest, is about to finish his second year in a 3 1/2 year music program for young children. All of the children are active in religious programming, including Hebrew school. Ray and I are doing exciting things like having one of the bathrooms redone instead of taking a cruise to Hawaii.”  
Class Secretary:
Mrs. Christopher Nichols
(Joy Brzuchowski)
2688 Amberly Drive
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301-2655
Class Secretaries:
Mr. Dike H. Ajiri
3031 Old Glenview Road
Wilmette, IL 60091-2908
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Garant
(Elizabeth Sieber)
17065 E, 105th Avenue
Commerce City, CO 80022-0570
“Chris Codish has been active in the music business since graduation. He’s written songs, produced music, and performed all over the world, including a recent appearance in Cognac, France, at the Passions Festival with Detroit blues legend Johnnie Bassett. He produced and performed on Johnnie’s award-winning CD “The Gentleman Is Back” for Gretchen Valade’s ’45 (CDS) Sly Dog records. Chris is the leader of the jazz/funk/blues group The Brothers Groove and has won over 30 Detroit Music Awards since 1997. He maintains an active schedule of educating, performing, recording, writing, and producing music, both on his own and in support of other musicians. ‘I consider myself fortunate to be earning a living doing what I love,’ he wrote. A new release on his own label, Little Fortissimo Music, is due in early 2011.”  
Class Secretaries:
Brooke Hohmeyer Kemler
Hohenstaufenstr 36
Apartment no. 20
71696 Möglingen
Dr. Sreedhar ‘Steve’ Samudrala
9143 Concord Hunt Circle
Brentwood, TN 37027-8762
Class Secretaries:
Ms. Natasha Moulton-Levy
5400 Bucksaw Court
Columbia MD 21044-5717
Samina Qureshi Romero
2016 Norwood
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1746
Class Secretaries:
Ms. Lila LaHood
1624 Vallejo Street, Apt. 2
San Francisco, CA 94123-5115
Mrs. Anne R. Tranchida
(Anne Hildebrandt)
1533 Chesapeake
Royal Oak, MI 48067-4529
Class Secretaries:
Carrie Birgbauer
2313 Broadway Street
San Francisco, CA 94115-1233
Autwan DeLaun Fuller writes: “All is well with me! I think I mentioned in my last update that I moved to Atlanta, a few years ago. I’m loving it so far. I purchased my first home at the end of last year, and I’m loving that as well. In addition, I launched DeLaun Fuller Photography, which has proved to be an awesome creative outlet and really allows me to follow a passion of mine. Aside from that, I’m the proud godfather of the children of Tameka Strong (formerly Golden), and that’s enough ‘fatherhood’ for me at the moment. The last time I was able to connect with a few Liggett alums that I haven’t talked to in a while was at Kyle Denham’s fundraiser which took place at Fishbone’s back in December. It was great seeing everyone and it was awesome how supportive Liggett alums continue to be. All in all, living and loving life, and I hope everyone else is well.”
Kania Kennedy reports: “I’m living in Chicago, and published my first book last year “The SMART Sista’s Guide to College.” I am expanding my career as an author, life coach, motivational speaker, and seminar leader. My company Diva Dance, which teaches women and certifies women to teach Exoticise, is going strong and in its fifth year.”  
1994* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Natasha Lie ’94 and Christopher Wilde were married on December 8, 2010 in Grosse Pointe Woods. Three of her nine siblings attended: Marc Lie ‘84, Tamara Lie Fobare ‘92 (and Upper School Girls Lacrosse and Field Hockey Coach), Sergei Lie ‘97, and classmate Shona Malkar Spratt ‘94. The couple will reside in Texas.  
1995* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him
Stephanie Powell ’95 is author, poet, and second grade teacher at Key Elementary in Oak Park, Mich. She has volunteered with groups such as Project Outreach, Project Serve, and Alternative Weekends; conducted research with Michigan State University’s College of Literature, Science and the Arts Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.
Class Secretaries:
Ms. Jennifer S. Silverston
445 West Baraga Avenue, #4
Marquette, MI 49855-4558
Mrs. Rachel Calderon Young
3208 Silva Street
Lakewood, CA 90712-3014
1997* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
1998* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
1999* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Class Secretary:
Ms. Celeste Hubbard
636 South Cochran Avenue, Apt. 205
Los Angeles, CA 90036-4036
Beth Lucille Bogusz writes: “I will be getting married next month to Jeff Seal. We moved from Atlanta to Nashville last year and just bought a house here. I now work for Schneider Electric, working on electric vehicle chargers.”
Class Secretary:
Christal Phillips
Gennette Faust graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005 and was offered the Dean Scholarship at the University of Miami’s law school. She graduated in 2008 and is now practicing law at Hightower & Partners in Miami, FL.
2002* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Marlon Cox ’02 and Christie Carlile were married on Saturday, November 6, in Huntington Beach, Calif. Included in the wedding party was Dustin Meldrum ‘05. The couple have purchased a home in Houston, Texas where they both work as engineers for NASA Johnson Space Center.  
Class Secretary:
Mr. Brandon Celestin
1126 Berkshire
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230-1341
Class Secretaries:
Ms. Rachel Costello
126 East Pointe Lane, Apt. B23
East Lansing, MI 48823-1984
Ms. Carly Croskey
180 Country Club Drive
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-2902
Ms. Meghan Doletzky
1365 Pinellas Road
Belleair, FL 33756-1061
Class secretaries:
Ms. Caitlin B. Costello
800 Cadieux Road
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1232
Ms. Kimberly M. Dickinson
240 Brown Street
Providence, RI
Class secretary:
Ms. Alyssa Bronikowski
360 E. South Water St. Apt. 3611
Chicago, IL 60601
2007* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
2008* We would love for someone to be a class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe @ 313-884-4444, ext. 415 or e-mail him at
Ms. Maria Russo
Ms. Laura Hicks
Bridget Hillyer writes: “I’m a theater minor now, surprise, surprise, which I’m loving. Learning how to analyze and design a show is a lot of hard work, but fun. I also went to a viewpoint workshop last summer. It was attended by MFA kids and professors so it was kind of intimidating. The main show we’re doing this year is “Iphigenia and Other Daughters.” It’s weird and kind of surreal but I’m Iphigenia so I don’t have any complaints. It’s really a lot of fun. I’ve never played the damsel part before so I’m being forced out of my comfort zone, which is nice. I came to college thinking I wanted to be a doctor and now I spend all my free time reading plays and doing shows. Funny how things turn out.” 
 “Raleigh Dettlinger spent the fall semester in Salamanca, Spain, completing a Spanish minor from Wake Forest University. She stayed with a local family for an ‘amazing four months’ and got to visit many cities all around Europe. She loved it! Raleigh is the assistant pledge educator for the Delta Delta Delta (Tridelta) sorority and is busy taking a full schedule of pre-physical therapy classes. She absolutely is loving her time at Wake!  
“Tim Boll has been studying abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is doing the academic year program, so he’s been there since August and will finish this school year there. He is in Russia gaining fluency in the language and playing hockey.”
Class secretary:
Bianca Aviolo
4884 Kensington
Detroit, MI 48224
Class secretary:
Ms. Mary Grech
Former Faculty
Marti K. Miller writes: “An important part of my life was spent at Liggett as assistant to Marlene David in the Upper School in the early ‘80s when they called it ‘Miller Time in the Upper School,’ then to Centie Strong in the Primary School for 19 years. Perspective brings back a flood of memories! Add to that my visits to school a couple of times a year on open house days to greet old friends and acquaintances, plus outings with former and present faculty and staff members, thus retaining friendships. Having the time to keep in touch is a valuable bonus of retirement. Sadly, the deaths of my husband, Jim, in November ’09, and my son-in-law in August ’10 have left quite a void in my life. Fortunately, my family, plus various affiliations like Grosse Pointe University Women – AAUW, Women of Wayne Alumni Association, Fox Creek Questers and my church, First English Lutheran, are invaluable in keeping me occupied in positive and worthwhile pursuits. But there are many affiliations at Liggett that I miss …”