The Liggett Approach


At the center of that belief is Liggett’s curriculum, which allows students to drive the process of their own academic growth. From Pre-K3 through 12th grade, students become active participants in their learning experience. They discover their passions. They uncover questions. They propose answers. And, in doing so, they turn information into understanding.
This forward-thinking approach allows students to apply their learning, absorb it and then demonstrate what they have learned, both inside the classroom and out.
Our guiding philosophy comprises five core tenets — critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, adaptability and universalism. Beginning in prekindergarten, the curriculum covers three phases of learning and development in the Lower, Middle and Upper schools.


We focus on building skills.

Our classrooms are student-centered and teacher guided.Student voice has meaningful agency in the classroom.
We value growth and process as much as we honor achievement and product.
Teachers provide scaffolding and structure, but students make meaning.

Assessment is a means, not an end, and provides feedback to both student and teacher.

The work students do has connections to the world beyond our walls and the life they might lead in it.

Student interests and passions are cultivated and encouraged. Choice is a pathway to engagement.

Rigor is achieved by relevance and depth, not pace and breadth.

Creating new questions is more valuable than learning old answers.

Education should not be standardized.

We innovate responsibly, supported by research and exemplars.


University Liggett School, a top Metro Detroit private, independent school, is located at 1045 Cook Road Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236 313-884-4444