What Our Graduates Say

"A fellow Liggett Alumnus and I were in a few classes together during our first year at the University of Michigan. When we were assigned an annotated bibliography, we thought the professor was joking, because after ARP we could do those in our sleep. We also didn't get stressed about writing huge papers in a short time frame because we were used to doing that in our upper level English electives at Liggett."

"Being at Liggett, time management is a skill you learn fairly quickly. When everyone is a two sport athlete/drama student/robotics/president and active member of student organizations and a full-time student, you learn how to make time for things you enjoy and for studying. I got to college and had no problem immediately getting involved in student organizations and taking on a full schedule of classes because I had already been in that busy environment at Liggett."

Upper School


University Liggett School’s Upper School offers a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum to nearly 300 students from 60 communities in southeastern Michigan. From the moment they set foot on campus, all of our students are asked to take ownership of the learning process, accept risks and challenges, and discover their academic passions.  

Liggett graduates are well-prepared for life beyond our Cook Road campus because they take hold of opportunities and take ownership of all aspects of our programs.

We have a dynamic community and expect a lot of our students through their engagement in classes, service to others, team commitment, leadership activities in clubs and grade level events, and performances in the arts. As scholars, athletes, artists, and public servants they demonstrate the kind of commitment that raises the bar for all around them. They expect to be challenged each day.


In ninth and tenth grades, core academic subjects and our Academic Research Program courses set the stage for developing the habits of mind necessary for the inquiry, critical thinking, and collaborative learning that takes place throughout Upper School. In these first two years, the curriculum concentrates on building mastery of core subjects and skills.

In English and history, students learn to weigh and challenge new ideas, write with clarity and purpose, and respond to essential questions in this examination process. In science and math, they develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through collaborative, lab-based courses in Biology and Chemistry. 


In the eleventh grade, students take more control of their academic program and delve more deeply into the subjects that keep them most engaged. They choose elective courses across the disciplines and have the opportunity to develop their own Academic Research Projects that they carry out during the entirety of senior year. 


Liggett offers outstanding arts and athletics programs and students take full advantage of these co-curricular programs. We ask them to practice like they play, serve their community and city, sing with volume and intensity, and have their voices heard. At Liggett, a student’s place is not on the sidelines unless they are there to support their classmates – and we expect that, too. You have just one shot at high school, so we encourage you to make the most of each moment.


Our Upper School program culminates with one-on-one guidance from our dedicated college counseling staff. Liggett graduates gain admission to the nation’s most respected colleges, and are offered dozens of the country’s most prestigious scholarships. It is one thing to gain admission to a top school, it is quite another to arrive on campus with all the tools necessary to make the most of that experience as well.
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