Liggett graduates are well prepared for life beyond our Cook Road Campus because they take hold of opportunities and take ownership of all aspects of our programs. We have a dynamic community that expects a lot of its students through their engagement in classes, services to others, team commitments, leadership activities in clubs and grade level events, an performances in the arts. As scholars, athletes, artists, and public servants they demonstrate the kind of commitment that raises the bar for all around them. We have high expectations for our students and they know it; they expect to be challenged each day.


The objective of the Upper School is to assist students in developing the skills, competencies, and motivation necessary to engage in meaningful independent study culminating in a demonstration of understanding. Our academic program provides students with direct experiences designed to build this foundation. Ninth and tenth grade courses develop rigorous skills in disciplinary learning and inquiry, acculturate students to upper school systems, and acquaint students with progressive forms of learning and instruction while preparing students to become intellectual and analytical thinkers. In ninth and tenth grades the core academic program is enhanced by access to electives in the arts. As minimum requirements are fulfilled and areas of greater interest are identified, students add more electives to their schedules, finding opportunities for deeper exploration of subjects introduced in earlier coursework.


We offer guidance through the course selection and scheduling process to help students create the best balance of courses and extracurricular activities. For younger students, exploration of broad themes and essential questions build the foundation for later studies. We ask our older students to consider a concentration, an area of strong interest that they can use as a platform for in-depth study.


For those with unique interests not available through the school's offerings, independent study options supported by outside agencies may be arranged. All Upper School students participate in the Academic Research Program.


Students must pass four years of English courses, including English Core I, Core II, and at least four additional semester Electives. (4)

Students must pass three years of high school level math, including Geometry and Algebra II/Trigonometry or Algebra II. (3)

Students must pass one credit of Biology, one credit of Chemistry, one-half credit of Physics, and one-half credit of an elective science course. (3)

Students must pass three or four Upper School credits of modern or classical language, either three credits in one language or two credits in two different languages. (3 or 4)

The history sequence (World History and United States History)is required of all students.  Students must pass one additional year-long course or two additional semester electives. (3)

The total of 1.5 credits required may be accumulated by passing three semester courses, or one year- long course and one semester course.  Please note that each student is required to complete the distribution requirement by taking and passing courses in at least two different areas (drama, music, art history and visual art).  Students who take and pass four complete years (eight consecutive semesters) in any one arts area are exempt from the distribution requirement. 


All 9th grade students take ARP 9, a full year introductory course in research skills and dispositions, which supports projects students are completing in other disciplines. 

All students in the classes of 2016 and following will take a three semester sequence to complete the Academic Research Project.  As second-semester juniors in ARP 11, students will select topics, articulate meaningful questions, and create prospectuses.  As seniors in the year-long ARP 12they will complete the research project outlined in their prospectuses, each writing a significant academic paper and creating a unique public demonstration of his or her work.  These projects are highlighted during the Celebration of Research in May.

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