Merit Scholarship

Recognizing the Best and Brightest


All applicants for Liggett’s ninth grade are automatically eligible for the distinguished Liggett Merit Scholarship. Since 2008, the Liggett Merit Scholarship program has provided more than 80 students with the educational opportunity of a lifetime. At University Liggett School, they will learn the skills necessary to become leaders and responsible citizens and they will graduate with the confidence and conviction to make a difference in today’s complex world. 

Our alumni recognize the importance of University Liggett School's mission and many choose to give back to the school in the form of merit scholarships for our students. Their generosity assists University Liggett School in its commitment to remaining accessible to all students and our mission to attract the best and brightest in the Detroit Metro area. 


The highly selective Liggett Merit Scholarship seeks to attract students of exceptional academic strength and promise, with a diversity of extracurricular interests, and those who will take part in – and contribute to – the life of the school. Liggett Merit Scholars are active citizens; they set the bar high, take pride in their work, and thrive in Liggett’s challenging and innovative curriculum.


Every student that applies for admission to the ninth grade is automatically considered for the Liggett Merit Scholarship. In order to be considered for the Scholarship, all required application materials and a shadow visit must be complete no later than January 18, 2019. 
The selection committee appreciates the time and energy required to submit an application to Liggett, and the committee will review all applications carefully. Families will receive notification of a Merit Scholarship in their acceptance package. All decisions will be mailed in mid-February 2019. 

2018-19 Liggett Merit Scholars


Meet Brendan

My name is Brendan Connors. I began at University Liggett School in sixth grade. Before I came to University Liggett School, I attended Lewis Maire Elementary School in Grosse Pointe. I chose to come to University Liggett School because the small environment allows students to become closer with each other and with the teachers. The community at University Liggett School is kind and accepting of everyone. My favorite subject is Chinese because I find it very interesting how each character translates to a word and how changing the tone on a word can give it an entirely new meaning. I play tennis for University Liggett School, and I look forward to being on the golf team in the spring. Outside of school, I enjoy playing piano and watching professional and college sports. I volunteer with my family at the Crossroads soup kitchen in Detroit. I work at Lochmoor Club in Grosse Pointe Woods as a caddy. I am currently undecided on what I want to do for my ARP project during my senior year, but I may do something related to music or sports. My dream job is to be a sports broadcaster, but I would also like to be an engineer, because I like math and science.

Meet Kennedy

Hi, my name is Kennedy Marshall. This is my first year as a student at University Liggett School. Before University Liggett School, I spent nine years at the Detroit Public School – Bates Academy. My first impression of University Liggett School was its sense of community. During my shadow day, I also noticed the small class sizes. My favorite subjects are French and English. My favorite co-curricular activities are dancing and singing -- in the shower. My outside interests are reading and the arts. As I mentioned before, I love dancing, music and films. In college, I’d love to study dance, literature or French. I would like to go to New York University or Julliard for college. As for my future career, I’d love to be a professional dancer, Broadway performer or teach overseas.

Meet Honor

My name is Honor Wallace and this is my very first year at University Liggett School. Before starting here as a ninth grader, I attended Brownell Middle School in Grosse Pointe Farms. I knew I wanted to attend University Liggett School towards the end of seventh grade, because I knew a few people that applied to the Upper School. The more I learned about University Liggett School, the more I knew it would be the perfect fit for me. From the small class sizes to the amazing extracurricular activities, and everything in between, I knew I’d found my school. In school, my favorite subject is Spanish. I am participating in University Liggett School’s fall play, and I plan on playing hockey and lacrosse. Outside of school, I enjoy singing in the Christ Church Grosse Pointe choir. I look forward to taking advantage of all the experiences being a Knight has to offer, and I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity.

Meet Taveon

My name is Taveon Colston. I began at University Liggett School in the 9th grade. Before coming to University Liggett School I attended St. Clare of Montefalco. I chose to attend University Liggett School because I heard about the school’s stellar reputation for producing successful college students and I wanted to have that experience. My preferred subjects are math and science. ​My favorite co-curricular activities include coding, robotics and Cross Country. My interests outside of school are traveling, video editing and competing in hackathons. When I grow up I want to be a software engineer or CEO of my own company.

2017-18 Liggett Merit Scholars



Liggett Merit Scholars have matriculated to some of the finest colleges and universities in the United States, including: Princeton, Yale, Northwestern, Williams College, Cornell, University of Chicago, MIT Washington University in St. Louis, Case Western Reserve, NYU, University of Michigan, and many other prestigious institutions. See our full college matriculation list here.

What Our Students Say

"Being a Liggett Merit Scholar is such an honor. I remember walking in to the school on testing day and noticing how many kids were in there. I was overwhelmed as to how competitive it was and the fact that only a few kids are chosen for these scholarships. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be one of the few."

"Throughout the process, I was a bit anxious, not only to become a Liggett Merit Scholar, but also to be admitted into Liggett. When I was offered the scholarship I was shocked, thrilled, proud, honored and excited to see what would happen next."


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