Memorial Giving

Tarik Ibrahim Memorial Gifts

"Tarik is an incredible young man beaming with ambition, intelligence and compassion. Simply put, he made us all better."
- Anand Germanwala, M.D., Associate Professor and Neurosurgery Residency Program Director



Drs. Fikry and Mona Ibrahim, the parents of Tarik Ibrahim M.S., M.D., a '99 Liggett alumnus, have made a philanthropic contribution to the Sure Foundations campaign by naming the Upper School Commons Area after Tarik Ibrahim M.S., M.D. This gift honors Tarik by commemorating him and keeping his legacy alive, as well as helping to ensure that Liggett’s students have access to the best facilities and classroom space. 

A Grosse Pointe Shores native, Dr. Tarik Ibrahim was born on September 2, 1981, and began at University Liggett School in fourth grade. The bonds and friendships he formed at University Liggett School withstood the test of time and continue to become stronger and stronger today. As a tribute to those everlasting bonds, his friends and family will keep his legacy alive by raising additional gifts to advance the priorities of the Sure Foundations campaign, as well as to honor and recognize the institution that helped make Tarik the person he is today.
Dr. Tarik Ibrahim, an accomplished Neurosurgeon, was formerly Chief Neurosurgery Resident at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago and completed a six-month training in cerebrovascular and microneurosurgery with the world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Juha Hernesiemi in Helsinki, Finland. One of Tarik's most impressive successes was being a highly published author, publishing 16 journal articles and four book chapters in the U.S. as well as nine additional publications for international readership, with first authorship on several. 
As the Chairman of the Loyola University Medical Center, Dr. Douglas Anderson, stated..."I immediately started to entice him to be a colleague… as I could think of no better person with whom to build our department, lead the next generation of neurosurgeons…I loved him like a son.”

Tarik began at Liggett as a young boy, and because Liggett fosters community ties and encourages long-lasting bonds, the friendships he made all those years ago have withstood time and space.The friendships that Tarik formed at Liggett became his extended family unit.

While Tarik and his friends formed their own family, their extended family -- meaning the parents and siblings -- also became family. Although life took everyone on different paths, strong bonds continue on today, and become even stronger with time. Several of Tarik's Lifelong Liggett Family stated recently that, “Tarik made us all feel special, inspired, proud, accomplished, warm, and most importantly happy. And we are all honored to call him our friend…and revel in the countless happy memories Tarik provided as well as create new experiences inspired by him…”

“Tarik was all about our mirth. His soul and heart were so benevolent, that it made us all a happier group and community." Some of Tarik's friends' family members also said: “Tarik Ibrahim, the best son anyone can wish for…” “I have known Tarik since elementary school and loved this charming prince since…” “Tarik is a very special brilliant young man with the most dazzling smile.”

His mother says: "In addition to the philanthropic contribution that my husband and I made to Liggett for Sure Foundations campaign, Tarik's Lifelong Liggett Family, along with all his family and friends, are coming together to further support this initiative and participate in reminding future Liggett generations why The Upper School Commons Area is named in his honor. In celebrating his Life, his Legacy, and the bonds Tarik formed at Liggett and throughout his life, his friends and family have established an event honoring Tarik at his alma mater, Michigan State University."
“We have a wonderful friendship in a very special way, And many times I stop and say ‘Hey! What’s wrong with me? Look at the family I’ve got.’ Plus, I really mean it when I say I love you a lot. We have a spectacular relationship without a doubt, If people ask, I’ll tell them what you’re about. You’re about loving and caring, and helping people out, And you always cheer me up when I begin to pout.” 
- Tarik Ibrahim 



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