The Annual Fund

Alumni Giving

As a Liggett alum, your story is our story.
Every success we have in life is because somebody, somewhere helped us. Now it’s your chance to do the same for someone else.
Your continued support of the Annual Fund is so important in allowing us to provide the opportunities you remember from your school days. Your Liggett education set your above your peers, now it’s your turn to reach back and pull another Liggett student up with you.
Through the Annual Fund we’re able to create an environment that nurtures our students as they start a lifelong journey of discovery. We do this by making upgrades to our classrooms, technology and athletic facilities and through field trips, arts, music and extracurricular activities.
Your contribution empowers our students and gives them the chance to succeed that we all need.
Q: Why should I give?
A: Your story is our story, and we want to continue to support lifelong journeys of discovery much like the one you started at Liggett. As alumni, you know the positive impact of a Liggett education. Your support through our Annual Fund allows us to provide that same experience to future generations who will make meaningful contributions to our community.
Q: Where does my money go?
A: Generous contributions to the Annual Fund helps us cover classroom expenses and technology upgrades while also supporting field trips, hands-on and project-based learning experiences in keeping with our tradition of academic excellence.
Q: How much should I give?
A: All contributions are meaningful. Your support of our Annual Fund serves as an affirmative statement of your belief in the academic excellence Liggett offers. Participation in the campaign also encourages other alumni to contribute and spread the positivity, helping us provide the best possible experiences for every child that walks through our doors.

Thank You for Your Gift

2019-19 Annual Fund: Alumni Donor Honor Roll

Mr. Christopher J. Adamo '95
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Albrecht '76
Dr. Anthony '81 and Christine Alcantara
Mr. & Mrs. Alan S. Anderson '82
Mr. Philip S. Angell '62 GPUS
Anonymous (3)
Dr. Kayvan Ariani '82
Alexandra Crain Armstrong '90
Susan '87 and Michael Azar
Mr. David L. Balas '70
Philip Balas '70
Mrs. Kathryn R. Baldwin '74
Mr. Bruce T. Barit '68 GPUS
Jim Barnes '57 GPUS
Ms. Bonnie Baron '63 GPUS & Mr. Peter Delacorte
Ms. Anne Dickinson Barrows '97
Mrs. Jennifer Barthel '90 & Mr. David Barthel
Mrs. Sally Lewis Bassler '60 GPUS & Mr. John P. Bassler
Mr. Jeffry M. Bauer '73
Ms. Chelsea E. Baumgarten '07
Mrs. Janeen K. Beebe '72
Ms. Karen Walker Beecher '83
Mrs. Heidi Bell '79
Ms. Ranlet Shelden Bell '66 GPUS & Mr. Frank M. Bell, Jr.
Suzi Wilkins Berl '64 GPUS
Dr. & Mrs. Richard N. Berri '92
Ms. Alesia G. Bicknell '66 GPUS
Mr. Bruce D. Birgbauer '60 GPUS
Mr. John W. Birgbauer '86
Ms. Eleanore L. Birgbauer '17
Carrie Birgbauer '93
Ms. Elizabeth D. Black '77
Mr. George Bodem '54 DUS
Peter B. Bogle '54 DUS
Ms. Terry P. Book '64 GPUS
Ms. Julie M. Borushko '04
Mr. Daniel Bowen '84 & Ms. Karen French
Ms. Lindsay Kirlin Brownell '06
Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Brucker, Sr. '79
Ms. Leslie Bryant '63 GPUS & Mr. Norman Schwartz
Mrs. Gay Budinger '55 GPUS & Mr. Richard Budinger
Mr. Thomas Buhl '86 & Mrs. Lindsey Buhl '86
Mr. George E. Bushnell III '70
Mr. Walter K. Butzu '87 &  Ms. Ava Y. Butzu
Lynne Garred Cameron '77
Mr. William Y. Campbell '72
Ms. Libby C. Candler '75
Ms. Kalli Carson Cooksey '87 & Mr. Gregory Cooksey
Martha Parker Chamberlin '59 GPUS
Sara Champion, Esq.'59 GPUS
Lauren '54 CDS & Ben Chapman '50 DUS
Mrs. Therese Chouinard '75 & Mr. Richard A. Chouinard
Mrs. Bliss Clark '62 GPUS
Mrs. Martha K. Coates '70 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Colman '01
James '90 and Erika Combs '90
Mrs. Renata S. Conger '06
Mr. Joseph M. Conway '07
Mrs. Martha M. Cox '60 GPUS
Sally Potter Cudlip '46 CDS
Mr. William G. Curtis IV '55 GPUS
Mrs. Jayne N. Curtis '64 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Dahling, Jr. '74
Mr. Richard P. Dahling '77 & Mrs. Nancy L. Sanborn
Mr. & Ms. Alexander S. Dale '94
Betsy Wood Dalrymple '68 GPUS
Mr. William H. Dance, Jr. '72
Ms. Gillian Darlow '85 and Mr. Chris Jones
Mrs. Vivian W. Day '75 & Mr. John W. Stroh III  '78
Suzie Sisman Decker '58 GPUS
Ms. Marie Denholm '69 GPUS
Mrs. Megan E. Dennis '88 & Mr. Vincent W. Dennis III
Mr. Drew B. Dettlinger '11
Dr. Douglass J. Diggs '82 & Dr. Shauna Ryder Diggs
Miss Jean Dodenhoff '56 GPUS
Jennifer Dossin '71 & David Marshall
Mrs. Jane Ottaway Dow '51 CDS & Mr. Peter Dow
Ms. Jane Ann O. Dow '14
Ellen Renick Durand '79
Mr. & Mrs. Craig F. Durno '84
Mrs. Eleanor H. Durno '55 GPUS & Mr. John D. Durno
Ms. Claudia Kuhnlein Eaton '75
Ms. Raleigh D. Dettlinger '08
Mr. Jack J. Elsey '00
Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Evans III '57 GPUS
Ms. Ellen J. Farber '11
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Farley '74
Ann Berman Feld '70 GPUS
Mrs. Bette-Burr Meader Fenley '48 CDS
Mr. & Mrs. Mason Ferry '57 GPUS
Ms. Anne C. Finnegan '75
Dr. Rosemarie Fisher & Dr. John D. Fisher '61 GPUS
Mr. James A. Fitzgerald '56 GPUS & Mrs. Patricia Langs Fitzgerald '58 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ford III '98
Mr. Albert B. Ford '10
Mr. & Mrs. Eric O. Fornell '74
Mr. Pierson W. Fowler '09
Dr. & Mrs. Paul K. Fozo '91
Mrs. Jennifer Barnhart-Fozo '87 & Dr. Michael S. Fozo '87
Ms. Patricia M. Frank '63 LIG
Mrs. Hadley M. French '70 GPUS
Ms. Martha Friedricks-Glass '58 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Fruehauf '85
Mrs. Pamela Gale '54 CDS
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace J. Gamber, Jr. '67 GPUS
Mrs. Margaret Garbarino '54 CDS
Mr. Eugene A. Gargaro III '89
Ms. Ellena Gatzaros '95 & Mr. Christos Moisides
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Getz '73
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Getz '70 GPUS & Mr. Arthur H. Getz, Jr. '67 GPUS
Mr. Carl G. Ghafari '11
Mr. Bruce M. Gillis '60 GPUS
Mr. John L. Golanty '63 GPUS
Mrs. Patsy R. Gotfredson '80 & Mr. Edward C. Gotfredson
Ruth Henderson Graham '50 LIG
Mr. Steven Grant '89 & Mrs. Sylvia Grant
Ms. Anne Gravel '81
Mrs. Marion V. Green '61 GPUS
Mr. George A. Haggarty '59 GPUS
Mr. Jonathan Harrington '62 GPUS & Ms. Judith Bing
Mrs. Edith A. Harris '78 & Mr. Scott M. Harris '79
Mrs. Lauren J. Harris '02 and Mr. Mathew Harris
Mrs. Margaret Harris '69 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Waref Hawasli '00
Rebecca Patterson Hein '51 LIG
Gretchen Knoell and Mark Higbie '75
Kathleen Stanton Hobson '50 LIG
Ms. Hannah E. Hodges '14
Ms. Judy D. Hodges '77 & Mr. Peter S. Norton
Mrs. Margaret Holley Sparks '62 GPUS
Elizabeth '95 and Andrew Housey
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar C. Howbert '55 GPUS
Mrs. Gail L. Howe '89 & Mr. Wesley Howe
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Huebner '97
Mrs. Sally W. Ingold '50 CDS
Mrs. Virginia A. Janicki '59 GPUS & Mr. Bernard S. Janicki, Jr.
Gail Perry Janutol '73
Mr. James Jarosik '77 & Ms. Deborah Perelmuter
Dr. Shaun Jayakar '97 & Dr. Arunima Verma '97
Mr. Joseph N. Jennings, Jr. '61 GPUS
Mrs. Louise Rockwell Jensen '66 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. George G. Jerome '56 GPUS
Mr. Robert H. Jewett '87
Mrs. Niki M. Johnson '96 and Mr. Bobby Johnson
Mrs. Donna Marie Iukov Joity '65 GPUS & Mr. John F. Joity
Mr. & Mrs. Greg P. Jones '07
Mrs. Angela Walton Jones '89 & Mr. Phillip Jones
Mr. Jonathan Kempner '69 GPUS & Ms. Lise Van Susteren
Mrs. Cheryl A. Kirouac '76
Mr. & Mrs. Garland M. Knight III '81
Gretchen and Mark Higbie '75
Mr. & Mrs. Ross J. Kogel '90
Mrs. Elizabeth Kontulis '79 & Mr. Charles P. Kontulis II
Mr. & Mrs. William Brace Krag, Jr. '84
Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Kross '59 GPUS
Mr. Gregory A. LaHood '11
Mr. Michael A. LaHood '95
Ms. Lila M. LaHood '92
Ms. Simone M. B. LaHood '08
Mrs. Virginia Lambrecht '57 GPUS
Ms. Margery Lampe-Fullar '69 LIG
Mrs. Marian Gram Laughlin '66 GPUS
Tim '58 GPUS and Joan Litle
Ms. Sharon L. Litsky '63 LIG
Dr. Robert E. Love '60 GPUS
Mrs. DeAnn M. Lukas '85 & Mr. Edwin J. Lukas
Mr. William A. Mackey '80
Ms. Lesley M. MacLeod '88
Mr. William M. Marx '12
Mrs. Tomasine F. Marx '78
Ms. Michelle E. McCabe '89
Dr. Kathleen A. McCarroll '66 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. David E. McCoy '77
Mrs. Suzanne B. McCready '58 GPUS
The Honorable Renee R. McDuffee '70 LIG
Dr. & Mrs. William J. McFeely, Jr. '84
Ms. Abigail McIntyre '91
Mr. Robert V. McJennett, D.O. '75
Mrs. Alicia Malik McKay '01 & Mr. Joseph McKay
Maura McKeever '83
Ens. Stewart E. McLaren, USCG '89
Mrs. Barbara B. McLeod '80
Mr. & Mrs. Francis W. McMillan II '56 GPUS
Ms. Linda S. McPherson '69 GPUS
Ms. Priscilla M. Mead '70 GPUS and Charles Edwards
Mr. Jordan R. Melick '83
Tracy Garred Meyers '79
James Michelson '59 GPUS
Kristine L. Mighion, M.D. '82
Dr. T. Harrop Miller, Jr. '62 GPUS
Laura Cassin Miller '98
Mrs. Katherine Riddle Miller '96
Susie Boone Miller '64 GPUS
Anne Boomer Milligan '73
Dr. David C. Mitchell '48 DUS
Dr. Lylas G. Mogk '56 GPUS & Mr. John E. Mogk '56 GPUS
Mr. Patrick J. Monahan '12
Martha F. Morse '66 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Josh P. Moulton '96
Mrs. Natasha Moulton-Levy '91
Mr. & Mrs. John Fink Mozena '63 GPUS
Mr. Robert G. Neville '77
Mrs. Cristina E. Niccolini '90 & Mr. Michael S. Niccolini '89
Mrs. Allison M. Nowak '98 & Mr. Mateusz M. Nowak '98
Mrs. Sandra Nye '59 LIG
Mrs. Hedi A. O'Connor '89 & Mr. Kevin P. O'Connor
Mr. Walter K. Olson '71
Ms. Kassidy L. Olson '12
Mrs. Wendy C. O'Neil '87
Mrs. Ann T. Opperthauser '49 LIG
Mrs. Rebecca O'Reilly '96 &  Mr. Arthur O'Reilly
Dr. Paula Ottaway '86 &  Mr. Andrew Ottaway '84
Mrs. Margaret P. Paisley '87 & Mr. Theodore S. Paisley
Mr. Lawrence J. Paolucci '84
Mr. & Mrs. Costa A. Papista '86
Mrs. Lynn A. Park '73 & Mr. John E. Park, Jr. '71 GPUS
Hervey C. Parke III '61 GPUS
Mrs. Jenifer H. Parker '63 LIG
Ms. Lauren V. Parrott '02
Mrs. Page E. Peabody '86 & Mr. Brian W. Peabody '80
Ms. Jennifer P. Peck '84 & Mr. Richard E. Russell
The Perry Family
Mr. David L. Peters '74
Merrill Peterson '77
Sheila Peck Pettee '75
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Petzold '58 GPUS
Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Phillips '52 DUS
Mr. John M. Polizzi '83
Russell '72 and Carol Poole
Joan Primo '77
Jeff '89 and Hilary Prus
Kathleen Gordon Putnam '69 GPUS
Mrs. Jane Morris Quinn '72
Dr. Anna N. Rabbani & Dr. Bobak Rabbani '94
Dr. Elizabeth F. Ralstrom '01 & Dr. Samuel G. Blanchard
Mr. Christopher C. Ralstrom '10
Ms. Laura M. Ralstrom '04
Ms. Maria J. Randazzo '84
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Rands '62 GPUS & Mr. William C. Rands III '61 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Reid '71
Mr. Gary W. Rembacki '58 GPUS
John W. Renaud '70 GPUS
Mr. B. Kirk Renaud '71 & Ms. Sarah Duggin
Mr. Joseph Ricci III '94
Mrs. Helen E. Richards '60 GPUS
Katherine Duff Rines '67 GPUS
Mr. Maurice Q. Robinson '02
Ms. Jean K. Robinson '74
Mr. Charles C. Roby '88
Mrs. Cynthia M. Rockwell '84
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Rose '77
Dr. Tara L. Ruberg '03
Ms. Julie Ryan '80
Ms. Amy E. Salot '81
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Scarfone, Sr. '83
Mrs. Lynn Schneider '62 GPUS &\\ Dr. John R. Schneider
Lynn Johnston Scoville '55 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Scoville '89
Sara Hendrie Sessions '74
Christi Hodges Shatzel '66 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Shelden '99
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Shelden, Jr. '68 GPUS
Leonard W. Smith '52 DUS
Ms. Laura E. Smith '95
Mrs. Martha J. Speer '47 CDS
Mr. Daniel A. Stahl '01 & Mrs. Alda Stahl
Mr. J. Clark Standish '76 & Mrs. Kimberly Standish
Ms. Paula-Rose Stark '92
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Stevens '60 GPUS
Dr. Stephanie D. Stevenson '80
Bill Stockard '62 GPUS
The Honorable Nita L. Stormes '72
Carol Gregg Stratton '76
Mr. Christopher R. W. D. Stroh '12
Mr. John W. Stroh '78 & Mrs. Vivian W. Day '75
Mr. Leonard E. Sullivan '97
Mrs. Karen Edwards Sutherland '81 and Mr. David Sutherland
Adena Wright Testa '63 GPUS
Dr. & Mrs. William H. Tettelbach '83
Ms. Rebecca P. Thomas, J.D. '84
Susan Stuckey Thoms, M.D. '66 LIG
Ms. Edith B. Thurber '74 & Mr. Kevin O'Rourke
Anne Hildebrandt Tranchida '92
Claudia M. Tyler '77
Ms. Karen E. Van Riper '64 GPUS
Mr. Mathew A. VanderKloot '72
Dr. Arunima Verma '97 & Dr. Shaun Jayakar '97
Carl and Dawn von Bernuth '74
Mr. & Mrs. Brett M. Walker '02
Mr. Joseph J. Walker III '81
Mr. William M. Walker III '59 GPUS
Mrs. Connie A. Walsh '73 & Mr. Brian T. Walsh
Mrs. Jean B. Waltrip '52 CDS
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin S. Warren III '73
Mr. &  Mrs. Warren H. Watkins '71
Mr. Andrew K. Watkins '00
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Watling III '52 DUS
Mrs. Susan Laurence Wehmeier '55 LIG & Mr. Paul H. Wehmeier
Dr. Elizabeth M. Weiner '87
Mrs. Lynn White '54 LIG
Mrs. Susan E. White '62 GPUS & Mr. Thomas E. White
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Whitehead III '64 GPUS
Mrs. Margery Goddard Whiteman '58 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. Whitford '73
Ms. Bethine S. Whitney '67 GPUS
Ms. Hilary E. Whittaker '47 CDS
Mrs. Anne D. Widlak '70
Martin F. Wieczorek '71
Mr. Steven M. Wieczorek '72
Mrs. Sylvia R. Wiegel '89 & Mr. David C. Wiegel
Amy G. Willens '67 LIG
Miss Carole A. Williams '57 GPUS
Mrs. Norah M. Williams '48 LIG & Dr. John H. Williams
Kerry FitzSimons Wilson '82
Mrs. Kimberly Wise '88 & Mr. J. Eric Wise '87
Alison Q. Wolfson '73
Bob '59 GPUS and Kathy Wood
Janet Lynn Wood '73
Mrs. Beth M. Wood '89 & Mr. Douglas M. Wood '90
Mrs. Ann D. Woodward '67 GPUS
Miss Eleonore Wotherspoon '73
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wright IV '66 GPUS
Sally Pittman Wright '70
Drs. David '83 & Bernadine Wu
Mr. & Mrs. L. P. Zinn '87


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