The Annual Fund

Alumni Giving

As a Liggett alum, your story is our story.
Every success we have in life is because somebody, somewhere helped us. Now it’s your chance to do the same for someone else.
Your continued support of the Annual Fund is so important in allowing us to provide the opportunities you remember from your school days. Your Liggett education set your above your peers, now it’s your turn to reach back and pull another Liggett student up with you.
Through the Annual Fund we’re able to create an environment that nurtures our students as they start a lifelong journey of discovery. We do this by making upgrades to our classrooms, technology and athletic facilities and through field trips, arts, music and extracurricular activities.
Your contribution empowers our students and gives them the chance to succeed that we all need.
Q: Why should I give?
A: Your story is our story, and we want to continue to support lifelong journeys of discovery much like the one you started at Liggett. As alumni, you know the positive impact of a Liggett education. Your support through our Annual Fund allows us to provide that same experience to future generations who will make meaningful contributions to our community.
Q: Where does my money go?
A: Generous contributions to the Annual Fund helps us cover classroom expenses and technology upgrades while also supporting field trips, hands-on and project-based learning experiences in keeping with our tradition of academic excellence.
Q: How much should I give?
A: All contributions are meaningful. Your support of our Annual Fund serves as an affirmative statement of your belief in the academic excellence Liggett offers. Participation in the campaign also encourages other alumni to contribute and spread the positivity, helping us provide the best possible experiences for every child that walks through our doors.

Thank You for Your Gift

2019-19 Annual Fund: Alumni Donor Honor Roll

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Albrecht '76
Dr. Anthony '81 and Christine Alcantara
Mrs. Jennifer Barthel '90 & Mr. David Barthel
Mr. Jeffry M. Bauer '73
Ms. Alesia G. Bicknell '66 GPUS
Ms. Julie M. Borushko '04
Mr. Walter K. Butzu '87 &  Ms. Ava Y. Butzu
Mrs. Therese Chouinard '75 & Mr. Richard A. Chouinard
James '90 and Erika Combs '90
Mr. Richard P. Dahling '77 & Mrs. Nancy L. Sanborn
Mrs. Vivian W. Day '75 & Mr. John W. Stroh III  '78
Mr. Drew B. Dettlinger '11
Dr. Douglass J. Diggs '82 & Dr. Shauna Ryder Diggs
Mr. & Mrs. Craig F. Durno '84
Mr. Jack J. Elsey '00
Mrs. Bette-Burr Meader Fenley '48 CDS
Mr. James A. Fitzgerald '56 GPUS & Mrs. Patricia Langs Fitzgerald '58 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Fruehauf '85
Mrs. Patsy R. Gotfredson '80 & Mr. Edward C. Gotfredson
Mr. Steven Grant '89 & Mrs. Sylvia Grant
Mrs. Lauren J. Harris '02 and Mr. Mathew Harris
Gretchen Knoell and Mark Higbie '75
Ms. Hannah E. Hodges '14
Mrs. Gail L. Howe '89 & Mr. Wesley Howe
Mrs. Virginia A. Janicki '59 GPUS & Mr. Bernard S. Janicki, Jr.
Gail Perry Janutol '73
Dr. Shaun Jayakar '97 & Dr. Arunima Verma '97
Mr. & Mrs. Greg P. Jones '07
Gretchen and Mark Higbie '75
Mrs. Marian Gram Laughlin '66 GPUS
Mrs. DeAnn M. Lukas '85 & Mr. Edwin J. Lukas
Mr. William A. Mackey '80
Mrs. Tomasine F. Marx '78
Mr. & Mrs. David E. McCoy '77
Mrs. Suzanne B. McCready '58 GPUS
Mr. Robert V. McJennett, D.O. '75
Mr. Jordan R. Melick '83
Anne Boomer Milligan '73
Mr. Robert G. Neville '77
Mrs. Rebecca O'Reilly '96 &  Mr. Arthur O'Reilly
Mrs. Lynn A. Park '73 & Mr. John E. Park, Jr. '71 GPUS
Mrs. Jane Morris Quinn '72
Dr. Elizabeth F. Ralstrom '01 & Dr. Samuel G. Blanchard
Ms. Amy E. Salot '81
Dr. Arunima Verma '97 & Dr. Shaun Jayakar '97
Mrs. Connie A. Walsh '73 & Mr. Brian T. Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Whitehead III '64 GPUS
David A. & Anne Donnelly Widlak
Mrs. Anne D. Widlak '70
Alison Q. Wolfson '73

*Gifts as of Sept. 20, 2018.

We have taken every precaution to avoid errors and omissions, however, if your name is missing in error please email Trisha Shapiro at


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