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Judy Weckler Piper
Judy Weckler Piper

Kathy Worcester Getz, Mike Getz, Priscilla Mead and Howard Robinson.
Kathy Worcester Getz, Mike Getz, Priscilla Mead and Howard Robinson.

Chuck Shreve, Bill Marcus and Kathy Worcester Getz.
Chuck Shreve, Bill Marcus and Kathy Worcester Getz.

Leslie Marcus, Priscilla Mead and Kathy
Curry Robinson.
Leslie Marcus, Priscilla Mead and Kathy Curry Robinson.

Bruce Renaud, Bill Marcus ’70 (GPUS), Ri Renaud ”41 (LIG) and John Renaud ’70 (GPUS). Mary Starrs Armstrong ’70 (GPUS) in Alaska. Renee R. McDuffee Kathleen Carroll Wickland and son Doug, Jr.
Bruce Renaud, Bill Marcus ’70 (GPUS), Ri Renaud ”41 (LIG) and John Renaud ’70 (GPUS). Mary Starrs Armstrong ’70 (GPUS) in Alaska. Renee R. McDuffee Kathleen Carroll Wickland and son Doug, Jr.

Stephen Moberg in Rome.
Stephen Moberg in Rome.

Mary Starrs Armstrong ’70 (GPUS) in Alaska.
Mary Starrs Armstrong ’70 (GPUS) in Alaska.

Renee R. McDuffee
Renee R. McDuffee

Kathleen Carroll Wickland and son Doug, Jr.
Kathleen Carroll Wickland and son Doug, Jr.

Martha Klingbeil Coates and Ted Coates at a
business function.
Martha Klingbeil Coates and Ted Coates at a business function.

Alumni gather at the Liggett football
scrimmage in New Haven, Mich.
Alumni gather at the Liggett football scrimmage in New Haven, Mich.

Alumni gather at the Liggett football
scrimmage in New Haven, Mich.
Alumni gather at the Liggett football scrimmage in New Haven, Mich.

Grosse Pointe Women’s Hockey Club (“The
Chill”) meets for weekly games at City Sport
in Detroit. Team members include Terry
Semple Burke, Suzie Thibodeau Standish (’84), DeAnn Patanis Lukas (’85) and Erika
Teitge Combs (’90).
Grosse Pointe Women’s Hockey Club (“The Chill”) meets for weekly games at City Sport in Detroit. Team members include Terry Semple Burke, Suzie Thibodeau Standish (’84), DeAnn Patanis Lukas (’85) and Erika Teitge Combs (’90).

Brenda Marie Chomiuk and Peter Kirk Dootz.
Brenda Marie Chomiuk and Peter Kirk Dootz.

Coach Bob Newvine (center) presents the
Most Valuable Player trophy to winners Jack
Coach Bob Newvine (center) presents the Most Valuable Player trophy to winners Jack

Back row L-R: Coach Bob Newvine, John
Polizzi ‘83, Jack Elsey ‘00, Coach Dan
Cimini, James Combs ‘91, Brian Cartwright
‘76, Jay Fitzgerald ‘56, Jody Jennings ‘56,
Glynn Connelly ‘59, Dick Trim (faculty
emeritus), George Jerome ‘56; Front row
L-R: Coach Jim Glovak, Tom Weyhing
‘87, Shaun Dillon ‘98, Ian Jones ‘86, Bill
Listman ‘87, Robert Listman ‘94, Rick
Ferrara ‘79. Jason Cooper ‘98. Pahl Zinn ‘87
Back row L-R: Coach Bob Newvine, John Polizzi ‘83, Jack Elsey ‘00, Coach Dan Cimini, James Combs ‘91, Brian Cartwright ‘76, Jay Fitzgerald ‘56, Jody Jennings ‘56, Glynn Connelly ‘59, Dick Trim (faculty emeritus), George Jerome ‘56; Front row L-R: Coach Jim Glovak, Tom Weyhing ‘87, Shaun Dillon ‘98, Ian Jones ‘86, Bill Listman ‘87, Robert Listman ‘94, Rick Ferrara ‘79. Jason Cooper ‘98. Pahl Zinn ‘87

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The 30s



Liggett Class Secretary:

Mary Louise Goodson Drennen

106 Merriweather Road

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3623


Ann Pelton Babcock wrote from Northport, Mich., that she feels blessed to have had another summer there. All five children visited during the summer so it was a busy household. Since Ann seldom sees them, it was a treat. She and her dear dog, Andy, now 12 years old and such a joy, went back to Charlotte in early September.


Sally Baubie Baker took a trip to Traverse City in August with her daughter, Buffy, and husband, Robert, who live in Newton, Mass. They went to Northport and Sutton Bay, and had a great cruise on Lake Michigan in a schooner, but the highlight for “Sitter” was having dinner with her niece, Gina Baubie Whitney and “Chuck,” at their wonderful restaurant, ”The Whitneys of Charlevoix.”


Mary Louise Goodson Drennen missed our Alumnae Luncheon for the first time in years. After a short hospital stay for treatment for spinal stenosis, her doctor sent her to another location for two weeks of intensive physical therapy. While she was there, her hot water heater blew up, damp and mold set off allergies and aggravated breathing problems which necessitated yet another hospital visit. Recovery took most of the summer. By late August she was able to resume having her monthly bridge group at her house.


Patsy Giblin Hack had a wonderful surprise in July. The doorbell at her cottage in northern Michigan rang and there stood her son, Tory, and right behind him four children who had come from all over the country without spouses for several days of special birthday celebration. Her youngest, daughter Marie called Babe, who was staying with her arranged a dinner/dance party. When Gib walked in the orchestra was playing and she was totally surprised to see relatives who vacationed in the area and all of her local friends.


Josephine Karmazine drove in from Grosse Ile to represent our class at our 71st Reunion. She plays bridge every Tuesday afternoon at the Community House in Trenton and every Thursday morning goes to a Bible Study session at her church.


Elaine Kaufman James came back home on August 25 after two weeks in the hospital and three weeks in physical therapy caused by a broken hip and femur. When leaving the hotel where her son, Robert, and nephew Jimmy Druckman, Charlotte’s son, who was visiting from New York, had had dinner, sliding glass doors “made a sandwich” out of her. She fell backward onto a marble floor. She’s learning to walk with a cane and doing very well.


Kathrine Morris Schoew was soon able to resume her normal busy life after a heart attack in July. She hasn’t been back “home” to Grosse Pointe since November when she came here to celebrate her birthday with family. Her daughter, Chrissie, and husband, Roger Powers, now spend half the year in Palm Beach,

Fla. They come back up north for the holidays starting with Thanksgiving which timed well for the weeklong birthday celebration.


The 40s


Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. William B. Nichols

(Constance Haberkorn)

176 Kendal Drive

Kennett Square, PA 19348-2333



Liggett Class Secretary:

Jane Kilner Denny

125 E. Gilman Street

Madison, WI 53703-1407



CDS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Susanne M. (Kemp) Bartlett

262 Mount Vernon

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3437



CDS Class Secretary:

Mrs. John R. Lee

(Lydia J. Kerr)

1030 Arbor Lane., Apt.103

Northfield, IL 60093-3356

Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Robert Rigger

(Roberta Mackey)

830 West 40th Street, Apt. 304

Baltimore, MD 21211-2125



DUS Class Secretary:

Mr. Albert M. Mackey, Jr.

276 LaSalle Place

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3107


CDS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Carolyn E. (Taylor) Ewald Kratzet

284 Moross Road

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-2945

Winter Address:

3450 Gulfstream Road

Gulfstream, FL 33483



DUS Class Secretary:

Mr. Alexander C. Suczek

P.O. Box 2411

S. Padres Isle, TX 78597-2411


Alex writes: “Classmates who visited in my parents’ home on Fisher Road may remember their elegant portraits, life-size, ¾ length, in massive gold leafed frames. They were painted by Frantisek Hlavica, the most prestigious painter in the Czechoslovakian Republic in the 20th century. My father and the painter were college classmates and father was a respected native of the same home town, Vsetin. I have no place to hang those portraits. Nor do my children, whose families live in Darien, CT, and Greenwhich Village, NY. So after much searching for a suitable home, I heard from the State Museum in Vsetin that they would treasure the two portraits by their favorite native artist, and of another native son who won recognition as an engineer (decorated by the U.S. Navy and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia) whose invention made a major contribution to the U.S. war effort in WWI. The paintings have been shipped to the museum and I and my family and some friends will go to the Czech Republic next spring for the official confirmation of the gift and unveiling of my parents’ portraits back where they came from. Actually, my mother, Charity, came from Vienna.”


Liggett Class Secretary:

Ms. Betsy Stanton

805 Edgewood Avenue

Rochester, NY 14618-4823


CDS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Brent McKee

(Shirley Jerome)

9820 Oakhurst

Holly, MI 48442-8610



Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. John H. Williams

(Norah M. Moncrieff)

502 Glen Arbor Lane

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1506


Norah reports: “Happy 80th birthday to the class of ’48. Joan Kennary wrote to me in May: “I really look forward to browsing through the magazine, especially to read about all the friends I made at Liggett, and how the school is growing.” She adds,


“I had my fifth hip surgery in February but I manage to get around quite nicely.”


Patty Lovejoy Stoddard called on her way through town. She visited Julie Blossom Whitney for lunch. I didn’t have an opportunity to join them due to a scheduling conflict. My family gave a brunch for my 80th birthday for a small group of friends and relatives in August. Very pleasant event held over my objections – a party for my

70th was enough. Two of my grandsons are making a special contribution to the world. Staff Sergeant Ian McConnell is serving in Afghanistan for the next four months and Kyle Martin had taken time off from medical school (he finished his first two years) to work on a second masters degree in health. He is assigned to Haiti for a year working in a medical clinic in Seguin.


I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at


CDS Class Secretary:

Mrs. William P. Fisher

(Constance Woodall)

1485 Kingswood Terrace

Harbor Springs, MI 49740-92222


DUS Class Secretary:

Mr. Frank P. Wilton

123 North Grove Street

East Aurora, NY 14052-1744


Frank writes: “Potential plans for a second Ambassador Bridge reminded Dick Coyle that he and his family were among the first to cross the original bridge in 1929. His father had taken a six-month engineering job in Detroit which turned out to be 27 years. Dick commented that his parents always indicated they were from Dorchester, Mass. Dick says he is a Detroiter!


Bill and Connie Fisher write that during Bill’s retirement he is involved in investments and woodworking. In May they visited the Fosters at their summer home on the north shore (Canadian) of Lake Erie. They have two children in Colorado, one in Harbor Springs and one grandson in Alaska.


Bob Ford continues to be a money manager and involved in charitable and church activities. Fortunately for them, virtually all of their children and grandchildren live in Michigan. Trips included two grandchildren’s weddings.


Dick and Janet Fruehauf ’50 (LIG) toured South Africa with their children and grandchildren this summer. Janet had a Liggett School 60th reunion in May — which reminded them that they have been dating and married for 63 years.

Their five children and grandchildren live in Michigan and Florida.


Joe Maycock indicated he is actively involved in reading, jogging, tennis and travel as well as vitally involved in the activities of Christ Church, Grosse Pointe. Travel included two trips to Hilton Head Island including a family reunion for Joe’s 80th birthday. Their three children and four grandchildren live in Colorado, Illinois and Massachusetts.


Dave Mitchell remarried in 2008 to Helga Duffy. They are involved in thoroughbred breeding and racing on their farm in Lexington, KY. One of Dave’s sons is an active musician with Shakira. His daughter is in advertising photography and second son, David, lives in Dallas.


Norah Moncrieff Williams ’48 (LIG).


I regret to advise our class that Ronald G. Frost passed away on August 3, 2010, after a lengthy illness. He is survived by his wife, Jean, and their two sons, Guy and Gary. The family can be reached at 8465 West Gates Street, Bruce, MI 48065-4363.”



Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Orval Opperthauser

(Ann T. Bolton)

41140 Fox Run Road #610

Novi, MI 48377-4845


Ann writes: “I had a very nice note from Beth Smilansky Neman at Christmas. She is one big traveler – California, Colorado, Stratford, Chicago, the Netherlands and Greece. She always sends a picture of her grandson, now 12.


“Also heard from Carol Serenberg Greenaway at Christmas. Although she retired from teaching dance, she still gets involved in working on the ‘Nutcracker’ in Manistee which is put on every other year.


“This past spring I had lunch with Joan Fitzsimons Barry in Tampa. Joan lost her husband Bob last fall after a long illness. We all send our heartfelt sympathy to her.


“Mary Johnson Adams manages a night in town each year on her way to or from Harbor Springs. Those of us locals all try to get together with her when she’s here. She and her husband Ray are also big travelers – I think they are in Russia as I write this.


“I talk to Edith Werback Rydman occasionally. She, too, travels a lot but mostly back to France to see her daughter and family.


“Nancy Burgess Torgerson has had a terrible year resulting from a fall almost two years ago. She broke her arm and has had to have several operations on it – hopefully now all is corrected. As always, she still has a great sense of humor.


“Doris Singelyn Nelson’s son has been very ill, but hopefully is now on the road to recovery. She and her husband John cruised on ‘the biggest’ liner last winter and said it was ‘too big.’


“Phyllis Childs Walker still spends a lot of her time visiting her three daughters in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Boston.


“I still keep my house in Florida and will go back and forth as long as I can. I get to see Nancy and Phyllis when they come down and we’re all near each other. I now have 9 grandchildren ages 16 to 18 months and they are all near me in Michigan.


“If you are among the missing, please let me hear from you.”


The 50s



DUS Class Secretary:

Mr. William J. Cudlip II

284 McKinley Avenue

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3460



CDS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Myron R. May

(Joan Dryden)

424 Kilmer Way

The Villages, FL 32162-5084


DUS Class Secretary

Edmund R. Sutherland

216 Ridge Road

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3538


Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Norman C. Esler, Jr.

(Barbara Allen)

43422 W. Oaks Dr. #332

Novi, MI 48377-3300


Barbara Allen Esler and her local classmates, Becky Patterson Hein, Sue Crawford Blaney and Cynthia Keydel

Huebner, met at the Detroit Institute of Arts in July for their 59th reunion. Becky and Cynthia have been docents at the DIA for many years and gave Barbara and Sue a personalized tour of some of the exhibits. Afterward, they enjoyed lunch and discussed plans for their 60th reunion in May 2011.



Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Kay (Jordan) Phillips

14421 N. Ibsen Dr., Apt. A

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-2102


Shirley Langs Smith writes: “my older brother, Richard J. Langs ’51 (DUS), died suddenly in March 2010. He had vasculitis, which I never heard of, and went very quickly. As all of you who knew him – he was one of the good guys! I was blessed to have him as my older brother. We had many great adventures and one of my earthly gifts was having him as my big bro. Russ Langs ’56 (GPUS), my younger bro, is very much alive and well in Petoskey, Mich.” Shirley sends greetings to her classmates and many thanks for the hugs and condolences.




We would love for someone to be a

class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe at

313-884-4444,ext. 415 or e-mail him at




We would love for someone to be a

class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe at

313-884-4444,ext. 415 or e-mail him at




GPUS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Alfred R. Reuther, Jr.

(Jane Weaver)

81 Lewiston Road

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Jane writes: “The University Liggett Alumni weekend in May attracted many of our classmates to the 55th reunion. Gay Mercer Budinger, Mimi Kenower Dyer, Joan Le Gro Bushnell, Kathy Benson Collins, Harriett Davis Haritos, Pat Thomas Mason, Sally Litchfield McEvoy, Janie Weaver Reuther, Dibby Smith, Ed Howbert, Fred Ollison, Mac Jones, Don Rentschler and Sandy Wiener were among the stars who ensured a lively weekend. Fred and Sarah Ollison graciously hosted the Friday night dinner which was festive and provided an opportunity for celebration and trading stories. Our special thanks to the Ollisons, Ed Howbert, and Joan Bushnell for their help in creating a memorable weekend. Everyone added a special spark. We missed those who were unable to join us but we are looking forward to seeing you at the 60th reunion.”


Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Gael McFarland

(Gael Webster)

212 20th Avenue

Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785-3840


Gael Webster McFarland reports: “Anne Hardy Merritt planned our annual spring reunion (55th) this year. From April 29 through May 2, five grads from the class of 1955 got together in the lazy Fox River town of St. Charles, Ill., staying at the historic Baker Hotel. Jean Martin Doelle and Sue Laurence Wehmeier drove over from Grosse Pointe, Pam Keena Bell and Julia Thompson Merriman flew into O’Hare and I had a long half hour drive. Lots of laughs, a little shopping, more laughs, a little wine, more laughs, a couple of outings, still more laughs, good food, but best of all was the company to hold us over until next year.”


Gael writes, “I’m struggling with rheumatoid arthritis but am determined not to let it slow me down. Still in the antique and design business and love the creativity of it. I volunteer at our local food bank and also starting to volunteer at our small library. We have a new, 7-year-old golden retriever we rescued from the Humane Society and he, along with our Yorkie, keeps our household jumping. We love Florida, but the hot summers aren’t as delightful as we thought when we moved down here nine years ago. Our swimming pool saves us.”


Mary Ellen Bennett Jezek died recently of heart disease. She had such a wonderful sense of humor and added so much fun to our reunions. She will be missed.


Jean Ellen just had knee replacement surgery and is recovering at home with all four of her kids taking turns trying to keep her down. She loves to be on the go, and was determined not to use the “dreaded” walker. Before the surgery she had just returned from a cruise through Russia and the Scandinavian countries.


Vivian Michel Hiedemann is still in Richmond, Va. and has now retired. She stays active with bicycling and other sports. Her oldest daughter lives in Seattle, is an economics professor and has one child. Her other daughter is single, lives in Cleveland and teaches at a private girls school. She is thinking of adopting a youngster from Indonesia.


Sue Laurence Wehmeier and her husband, Paul, continue to enjoy their California lifestyle, and are both quite healthy. They love walking the bluffs with their lab, Charlie. She continues her interest in Chinese porcelain and communicates with dealers all over the country. Paul is a history buff and they enjoy exploring historical areas together.


Patty Bisceglia writes: “It’s been a busy summer. My new puppy, Dudley Doolittle, is a delight, but a lot of work.

Daisy, my 14-year-old rescue, loves him and he’s worth every minute of lack of sleep. My family is well, six great grandchildren, ages 2 to 12. I sure didn’t look like my granddaughter at age 14. I’m so happy I lived an uncomplicated, innocent life when I was at Liggett. Kids know way too much today. My grandson played in the Cooperstown, N.Y. baseball series this year for 12-yearolds and his team came in fifth out of 114 teams.”


Julie Thompson Merriman has offered her lovely Charleston summer home for our spring reunion in 2011. Lots to look forward to.


If you have any news for the next issue of Perspective, please e-mail it to me at




Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Joanne (Streit) Stewart

5 Debeaufain Drive

Bluffton, SC 29909-2500


Joanne reports: “Barbara Baker is as passionate about Horse Haven as ever. She now has 64 horses, two pit bulls, one pig (raised from a piglet and now 300 pounds), seven goats and some sheep. It takes 140 dedicated volunteers a week to keep Horses Haven running smoothly. Barbara spends 15 hours a day working around the farm, but loves every minute. She says the horses are so appreciative to be a part of the farm and give a lot of love back to her. Barbara was scheduled to have hip surgery in October.


“After two serious surgeries, Jean Dodds Mitchell pulled herself together and has made two trips to Europe.”


Linda Ross Radionoff writes: “We miss not living close to our children (Dave and Sheri, grandchildren (Rachel, Brandon, Daniel, and Aaron) and great-grandson (Benjamin). They live in Genoa, Illinois. We are active in our church: singing in the Sanctuary choir, Prime Time Singers (for oldies), going on monthly outings with the Traveling Saints which is a good way to sight see without having to drive and watch road signs.”


Sally Glass Ruud reports: “Rich and I are enjoying life in the country on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles, Wash. We have nine grandchildren and unfortunately none of them live nearby! But that gives us a great excuse to visit Alaska, Oregon, and Seattle in our motor home with our Pekingese, Gigi. They range in age from 4 to 25 with no weddings in the future yet. We also enjoy their visits, especially in the summer, when we can spend time at our cabin on the lake nine miles from home. We flew to Detroit last summer to attend my niece’s beautiful wedding at Lovett Hall at Greenfield Village. Following that we had a family reunion at the family cottage on Harsen’s Island. It was built by my great-grandfather in the late 1800s and I spent every summer there until I was married. My sister passed away in April so we had a special small memorial by the river for her. I am blessed with 27 years of marriage, an amazing blended family, good health, a wonderful church and caring friends. God is so good!”


Nancy Smyly Schmalz and her husband Arvid are still living on their Icelandic Horse Breeding Farm, near Buelton, Calif. They have cut back on the number of horses 100 to 75 and eventually only 20, due to the economy. Also hay has become very expensive and the demand for horses has slowed down. They have been concentrating on raising parrots. They have six blue and gold macaws, three African greys, two eclectus- (boys are green and girls are red), two Conures, five Amazons, and a collection of cockatoos. This is retirement life! Nancy loves her life on the farm.


Joanne Streit Stewart writes: “We are all enjoying the Sun City life in the low country. Living in Sun City is likeconstantly being on a vacation. Living where it is hot and tropical has been a challenge with house landscaping. I’ve planted hostas and flowers and the next day all that was left were the roots. We have a lot of deer, armadillos, and even alligators roaming around. Softball is a big sport here with a lot of teams. Every Thursday they sell big hot dogs and sauerkraut and we root for our favorite team. I’m still active with the Synchronettes and I enjoy teaching the new members strokes and figures.”


Carolyn Wagstaff Meehan and her husband are enjoying living in New York City. They have six grandchildren. Her husband is a Tony voter, thus they attend all the shows in New York and throughout many countries. They spent time in Patmos, Greece where they had to go up 100 stairs to get to the house. Carolyn attended Nancy Smyly Schmatz’s sister Susan’s memorial service. After the service Carolyn and Nancy spent several hours catching up on the years since high school graduation.


Gretchen Wolff Schupp writes: “This past year has been busy but very fulfilling. I’ve had opportunities to visit with old friends and renew friendships that had been neglected for awhile. The beauty of northern Michigan keeps astounding me with each season. This fall the colors of the trees were spectacular, the winter snow was beautiful, along with watching all come back to life in the spring was truly great. If anyone is ever up this way please stop by for a visit.”


GPUS Class Secretaries:

Lylas Good Mogk, MD

1000 Yorkshire

Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230-1432


George Jerome

40 Edgemere Road

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3709


We mourn the death of Mike Carey in a plane crash and extend our deepest sympathy to Cherry and her family. Julie describes his memorial service as “lovely and a great tribute to him.”


Avery Kimerly Burns writes: “I guess I’m at an age when my life has fallen into a fairly consistent routine. You might say my life is in thirds: one-third church, one-third theater, one-third sleep (or at least in bed...maybe not asleep). I still consider myself lucky in the wonderful volunteer work I do at the Kennedy Center: transcribing playbills into large print and Braille. The perks far outnumber the hours I give them. I don’t always get to take advantage of the perks, however, because of designing in regional theatre. This season I designed makeup for a production of “Amadeus,” for which, unfortunately, we lost five performances due to our horrible snow. I also designed props/set dressing for “Wit.” Both were very creative experiences for me. I was honored to receive the area’s 2009 theatre (about 35 theaters) award for makeup design for a spring production of “Follies.”


“I love being the church librarian, which is very satisfying for me. I also chair our church’s Prayer Shawl Ministry which is very rewarding. Now and then I get to see my three wonderful grandchildren (along with their fathers and mothers), though not nearly often enough for me.


Fortunately I’m looking forward to August in Leland, and having everyone with me. I tremendously enjoyed my Hood College Class of ‘60 50th reunion. For the most part I am in good health for which I’m thankful.”


Colleen McMahon Orsatti reports: “Gratefully, life has been quite routine, though pleasant (except for the constant heat waves), and therefore, not too news generating!! I’ll refrain from opining about the horrendous Gulf oil disaster, Wall Street and corporate greed, global warming, etc, etc, etc!


“So, on a lighter and more fun note… here goes, for what it’s worth!!!! Bob, my husband, and I finally decided to spend a week on Florida’s eastern Panhandle during the middle of last March. We had been dreaming of eating Apalachicola Bay oysters ever since we read, at least 10 years ago, about how fantastically good they are…and…we were not disappointed! In fact, we devoured five dozen over five meals…and, luckily, never got sick! They were so good that we have been spoiled eating oysters elsewhere. Sadly, with the ongoing Gulf oil mess, I fear that their existence may now be in peril.


“Over Memorial Day weekend, we returned to Brown University for my 50th Reunion in Providence, RI. I had never gone to any previous reunions, but am delighted that I decided to go back for my 50th. We “oldsters” were treated like royalty because, of course, we have reached that stage of life when the Development Office hopes we will contribute to the university’s coffers very generously! I must admit that I definitely did not recognize most of my classmates. Many of them seemed to look really different! But, then again, my memory is constantly failing me, even my long-term memory! I actually got a bit teary eyed walking in the commencement procession as I passed through the historic Van Wickle Gate, which is opened only once a year during the graduation ceremony. It was truly the right reunion to experience.


And Lylas Good Mogk spent a long Labor Day weekend with Libeth McElvenny Nardine at Lib’s lovely home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Si!


Finally from Julie Cudlip Whitman, vacationing in her Charlevoix cottage: “This place is just the way I like it: full of generational stuff, mementos, photos and memories. My two sons Will and Peter, Jr., came from Texas and Florida to spend some Happy Birthday time with me. Then came nieces and nephews for long and short visits: Marti and Peter Cudlip, son of Jack and Sally, and Chris Cudlip, son of Bobby and Gay Buhl. There’s been golf, bridge and swimming, with night skinny-dipping the best, plus working on the blood drive and the garden committee. On the way home from my recent eye injection in Petoskey, I asked my friend who was driving to stop by the golf cart place to try out a raspberry pink number I had seen, as my back is giving me some trouble walking. I looked at it, went home and ten minutes later it was in my driveway. The kid who delivered it said, “The owner is getting married this afternoon and says to keep it as long as you want.” Things are still pretty casual and trusting in northern Michigan. The raspberry pink number will be named Gracie II after my 1929 Oldsmobile that I traded a horse for. Old Gracie is now in the Traverse City Cherry Festival Parade. Come on you other classmates, say something. We want to know what you’re up to – give us something fun and not stuffy!”


We hope you all had a super time at your 50th college reunions, which brings to mind that next year is our 55th from GPUS. If we locals are to plan anything beyond an impromptu pic-up dinner, we need to have an idea of how many might come back to GP for a day/evening event. Please email one of us if you think you could/would make the trip in early May. And throw in a piece of news or commentary as well, you oh-so quiet ones.



Liggett Class Secretary:

Diane Bedford Svenonius

736 Silver Spring Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20910-4661


Diane writes: “One of our classmates has very exciting news: Judie Schneider Bailey-Gillis reported that in July she married Phil Gillis, whom she has known for more than 20 years. “He’s a special and wonderful person,” and she is very happy. She wrote as she was leaving for Los Angeles to meet Phil’s daughter and her family.


Sally Smith Bedrosian continues to split her time between Florida and Traverse City. “What a wonderful way to enjoy the retirement years. Had a great professional exhibit at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg as Artist of the Month in April, followed by an exhibit and sale at the Scarfone-Harley Gallery at the University of Tampa. My time in Traverse City has been filled with boating, Interlochen, guests, and lots of time with Ann Travis. We do have a lot of fun!”


Kathy Perry Davis says: “I took a long vacation in May and June, driving from California to the East Coast, down to

Florida, across the south to Texas and Arizona and back up to California. The main reason was to attend a conference at Valley Forge, but I had a chance to visit friends and family all over the country, including my younger brother Robert, whom I hadn’t seen in a zillion years. I was able to stay at military bases all along the way, which are very nice and priced well. I’ve been overwhelmed with translating work, so I am cutting back on the ones that require staying up all night to finish; have scheduled a massage and penciled in a new gas stove to entice me to take some time to cook nice dinners for myself. Daughter Elizabeth goes off to Chatham University in Pittsburgh this week to work on her master’s in interior design. She has been near me at my summer place in Seattle taking some

AutoCAD courses in preparation for school. It has been nice and cool here, although today we are ‘sweltering’ in the high 70s.” In October, Kathy planned to return to the San Francisco area for the winter.


Clare Hartwick Connor and husband Larry go back and forth between Sarasota winters and Grosse Pointe summers. “The kids are fine; ”her son and daughter each have children ages 6 and 9 years, which makes for happy reunions. Though her daughter Lynn lives in Ann Arbor, they don’t see her very often because of the kids’ activities and the traffic in between. Jeff teaches at Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, Mass., and his wife is getting a second master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts. Clare is currently engrossed in genealogy and putting memorabilia in order for the children and grandchildren. She’s at the “papers all over the place” stage. “Larry and I are getting creakier... exercise just makes you sore.”



GPUS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Paul Decker

(Suzie Sisman)

77 Muskoka Road

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3009


Our classmate and good friend Judy Weckler Piper passed away on March 27, 2010, in Flint, Mich. For a year, she fought a courageous and optimistic battle with lung cancer. From GPUS, Judy went to Wheaton College in Norton, Mass. Upon graduation she attended Perkins School for the Blind where she learned to be a teacher of the visually impaired. She taught the Partially Sighted in St. Clair Shores, Mich. for a year. I well remember going on a field trip to the Detroit Zoo with Judy and her class of enthusiastic students.


She married Bob Piper in 1964 and in 1965 they moved back to Flint, Mich., Bob’s hometown. Judy quickly adopted Flint as her hometown and became involved in the community. Judy and Bob have long been supporters of the Flint Institute of Art. Judy served on the Board of Trustees, a term as president, and on the Founders Society Board. She especially enjoyed sharing her knowledge and love of art with school children. The Pipers loved to travel and Judy reached her goal of visiting the seven continents. Judy was a member of the Junior League of Flint, served on the Board of the Child Welfare Society (Cedar Street Children’s Center) and the Women’s and Girls Fund at the Flint Community Foundation, where she was honored in 2008.


Judy and Bob loved to entertain and she continued to be a gracious hostess, as she and her parents were in Grosse Pointe. Their home on Edgemont Park was always open to friends, and we remember many an evening spent in the Wecklers’ basement. Judy and Bob’s home in Flint was often the site of high school float building parties. Their range of friends included all ages. Judy is missed by her family and friends, but we are thankful she was an important part of our lives.


Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Lois E. Hutchison

(Lois Dickinson)

135 Cochise Drive

Sedona, AZ 86351-7928


Lois Dickinson Hutchison writes: “We’re still working and enjoying life here in Sedona. We have a new family member, a black Lab named Charcoal. She’s a little bigger than we had planned on but what’s not to love? We’ve taken a few trips to California this year — we need to get out of the high desert and soak up some humidity and see the ocean. I turned 70 in June. I’m calling it “the new 50.” I keep busy with tennis and a book club plus movies — not much else going on here. But life is good and we’re healthy and we’re in the business of helping others to stay healthy. Recently we joined in an organic clothes and food store, “Sedona Organic.” It will be on the web soon. We’re already there at Also many are on Facebook, so check that out too.


Class facts: Marilyn Holleran has a new email address: chbears@nc.rr. com I heard from Laura St. John Hicks who said she’d write in the future. Nancy Phillips email address is no longer valid. Hope to get the new one. Sorry that I did not chase down more of you to reply. Maybe next time.


Diane Neff Kabbush writes: “I turn 70 in August. I hope to dance the night away!! Love to all.


Martha Sanford reports: “Time flies when we are having fun. Yes, I turned 70 in June. Michael and his clan came to visit and we had a great time. I continue to volunteer at Ten Thousands Villages. I repair items and keep the archives. To learn more about this Fair Trade Retailer go to Yes, I still work for causes, some things don’t change. My ancient mother turns 99 in November. I’m glad that some of you knew her 50 years ago. In September I’m going to Seattle to visit Peter, Nancy and Barrett. Can’t wait. Thanks for keeping us on our toes.


Martha Friedricks-Glass writes: “Please clarify that it is Martha Sanford who turned 70 this year! I am still a kid at 69…until next May. Happy birthday to one and all, whatever birthday you are celebrating. My life is hectic but not too fascinating this year as we are beginning the renovation on our new apartment. No major travelling (darn it). Lots of work. And finally, success, after a difficult 2009. Not much new this year and maybe that is good. My grandchildren in Nashville are growing up (they are 5 and 8) and began the school year during the heat of August. My husband and I joined his classmates at Harvard Medical School in June for their 55th reunion and to honor so many of their achievements. I am still selling coops and condos in New York City and have no intention to retire anytime soon. We look forward to moving into our new apartment once the renovation is finally completed. No major travel plans this year; however I look forward to getting “back on the road” next year. So, all in all, everything is good. Best to everyone. I love the news.


Mary Warren Eick reports: “I also celebrated my 70th with a surprise party at our favorite Italian restaurant: both daughters, favorite son-in-law and 6 grandchildren as well as the darling, doctor, deacon David. Also celebrated and another surprise party in Canada with good friends. This turning 70 is very interesting. In September we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. David fractured his femur on July 3 and will require a lot of rehab. I guess we will not be dancing in September. He is healing well and retires on September 1. Lots of changes in our lives. I think of Liggett much more since our reunion. Weren’t we lucky to be in such a nurturing atmosphere for high school?”


Wendy Martin Blair writes: “Hi, all, not a lot of news to report as things are pretty quiet lately. Looking towards my 70th, we plan to be in Maine, enjoying the coast and lobsters. It’s our annual trek and this year we’ll be joined by my son, Adam, along with his girlfriend, Jennifer, and hopefully Gabe (my other son) will be able to join us too for some family time. Neither of them have been there, so there will be lots to show off. We leave tomorrow to visit a close friend in L.A. for a week, and also to see a bit of that coast too. (I’m craving being near water, can you tell? Maui ruined me for other locations!) I still enjoy making and selling jewelry; it’s nice to be part of the art world and fun to hang out with other artists. My mother turned 91 this month with a celebration at her favorite Chinese restaurant (of course!). I hear from Martha Friedricks-Glass, Allison Friedman and Linda Roth pretty regularly and hope to see them come winter when Arizona looks good to shivering northerners! Be well, all, and a happy 70th!!


Sandy Loynd Roney-Hays reports: “Hello all: I do not have a lot new to report. Sam and I are doing many of the same things we were doing last report. We have gotten more involved in social and cultural change after attending the US Social Forum in Detroit this past June.”


Donna Sisk Carl writes: “There is a sign posted on the world map that is above my computer desk that states “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” Well, we continue to work on our list! Yet another cruise (in April/May) took us to some familiar locations plus some new ones — Madeira Islands, Portugal; Gibraltar; Cagliari, Sardinia; Civitavecchia, Rome, Livorno, Lucca, Genoa, Italy; Monte Carlo, Monaco; Barcelona, Spain. We always have such a wonderful time traveling and seeing the world. I now actually enjoy world history, geography – not my favorites while at Liggett. We also made some trips in the U.S. to see family – another grandson graduated from college in May, then two grandchildren graduated high school in June (they both headed off to college this fall), we always attempt to be at their life changing celebrations! We thoroughly enjoy the blessings our children and grandchildren are to us. We are preparing for two juried art shows in September, but finished yet another church window that was installed in August. We have scaled back on our stained glass work but still do enough to keep it fun and interesting. We set off on a two week trip to Israel late this fall – we both are so looking forward to it. We’ve had this trip scheduled several times but political circumstances cancelled it each time – this time we are going! Christmas at home this year, then on to a three-week Caribbean cruise that will get us out of some of the southern Indiana winter weather. I often wonder how I could have lived in Michigan those years when I really don’t like cold, wintry weather! My best to all of the Class of ’58!”


Allison Lewis Friedman reports: “Trip to NYC for daughter Amy’s birthday celebration with her and her new husband. Had a great time and they are doing really well. Then to Charlevoix for Venetian Festival weekend – fabulous time. We saw a Beatles tribute group in the waterfront park that was terrific. How much fun it was to know ALL the lyrics! But so did a lot of teens!! Happy 70th birthday to all those whose big day falls between now and the next Perspective. Who’da thunk it??


Linda Weingarden Roth writes: “Since the last Perspective, my world view has become an austere one. So will the people really turning 70 between now and November (when the Perspective is published) pleeeeeeese stand up? I turn 70 in January 2011 and maybe I’ll talk about it and maybe not. Stuck here in Michigan with very little work going on. Ellis and I are getting a taste of early retirement. The taste is bitter – something you want to spit out and quickly down an Arnie Palmer with scotch on the side. What’s new with me is I’ve been taking a strong interest in politics, a world I’ve mostly ignored all my life.


“I’m also painting a lot. The blog, Drawing – of – the – Day (www. I started last January worked. It got me back into my studio producing. I’ve also sold a few things and loved the validation (Wendy Martin Blair’s wonderful word for feeling appreciated). I’ll continue to see where that leads. Ellis and I celebrated our 50th anniversary, not in China as we had planned, but in Puerto Vallarta with my son, Dr. Michael Roth (published Ph.D. and Microsoft developer) and his lovely Greek goddess, Georgia Chatzimouratido (just a little bragging from a proud mom). Ellis and I aren’t planning any trips, as I write. We’re just talking the usual resorts and making last minute arrangements probably during off season. With no one investing in their homes, I’m not going to invest in the travel industry. But in a minute our oldest son, Dr. Steven Roth, M.D., turns 50 and two minutes later I might admit to my 70th – so maybe we should do something to commemorate birthdays both of us find astounding? Sitting tight till so moved. Ellis and I are healthy, wise and waiting till wealthy kicks back in. Next week would be good.”




GPUS Class Secretary:

Robin Duke Harris Russell

Two Flagler Drive

Rye, NY 10580-1848


We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at


The 60s



Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Thomas Molesky

(Anne C. Wrigley)

19540 Butternut

Southfield, MI 48076-1764


Carol Weiss Weinstein writes: “I’m so jealous that I wasn’t able to be with you during our 50th reunion in May. Instead, I spent Mother’s Day with my grandchildren and their paternal greatgrandmother who is 94. Anne Wrigley Molesky asked me to share what I’ve been doing the past 50 years – good luck! Probably my chronology is similar to yours – filled with wonderment, change, joy, sorrow, lots of adapting, and I hope by now, some wisdom.


“A lasting memory I have of all of us is our ring ceremony – a bittersweet moment – with thoughts of graduation, college, freedom and a future unknown (we were such a great looking class, too!) By the time we actually graduated, I had been rejected by Barnard and since it was the only school I applied to (today we call it “hubris” – back then it was just “stupid”) my mom got me in as a late admission to Hillsdale – a small liberal arts college in southwest Michigan. I loved the small campus but found the political environment stifling. My favorite memories include rushing Kappa Kappa Gamma (sponsored by MAC’s mom) and being a member of the Model UN Delegation which convened at the University of Wisconsin in my sophomore year.Shortly afterward, I left to marry. We settled in to Hyde Park where my husband pursued his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago and I supported us working as a model (what else could I do?). Occasionally I matriculated as an at-large student at UC – which I absolutely loved. Do you remember our first field trip to Chicago with Ms. Giamanco in our junior year?


“Fast forward seven years and I am divorced with two small children, feeling overwhelmed and scared but deliciously free. Almost by accident, I was hired as a researcher for special projects for a “new town” project south of Chicago through the Urban Growth & New Development Act (part of L.B. Johnson’s “war on poverty”). It was there that I discovered my love for urban planning and mass transit.


“In 1970, I met my future and current husband/love, Marty and we left Chicago for Berkeley two years later. I finally finished my undergraduate degree and worked for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on policy for the nine county bay area throughout the ‘70s. I then transferred to a local transit agency to get my “hands dirty” working with rolling rock and light rail systems. During this period and into the ‘80s, I was extremely active in promoting greater visibility and opportunities for women in the transit industry which has historically been male dominated.”


“Time rolled on and I managed – with help – to both work and be a Cub Scout Den Mother, a soccer mom, support school events and volunteer at Berkeley’s Center for Independent Living. Now, David and Aimee have families of their own. We have three granddaughters and one grandson ranging in age from 5 – 15. Given the geographical shifts so common today, I am blessed to have two grandkids in the bay area and two in southern California.


“After 20+ years I left the transit industry and began taking post graduate classes in the Architecture & Urban Planning department at UC Berkeley. Of course, I didn’t have any expectations of becoming an architect – but I just loved it! Then, about 10 years ago, an old colleague asked me to help him get a new federal program off the ground. We were successful in obtaining an AmeriCorps grant – still going strong – and I then developed an intermediary sponsorship grant for VISTA – the Domestic Peace Corps – which J.F. Kennedy introduced in the early ‘60s. It’s a fabulous program and I’m still here serving as the program director. I love interacting with the recent college grads from across the country who commit to a year of service with nonprofit organizations in the bay area to break the cycle of poverty.


“So, this brings me back to wonderful visions of Liggett, us racing across the yard in our yellow tunics on a balmy afternoon while Ms. Ross yelled at us, cramming for exams, rehearsing for the myriad plays we produced and the wonderful May Day tradition we embraced. We were a solid community of curious minds with kind dispositions and a great sense of humor (remember the Tom Lehr songs we would sing – like “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”). One last thought; I heard from many in our Liggett community to “always remember to give back” and I still try to honor that message. All my love.”


Sue Wigderson Koppel reports: “I graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago with a degree in dental

 hygiene. I met my husband Hal in school and after graduating, we got married. We spent two years in the service at Ft. Hood, Texas, and then two years in Dallas while Hal was at Baylor Dental School in the Orthodontic School. After school we moved to Hot Springs, Ark., to set up practice and have been there for 43 years. I’ve been a stay at home mom and have been involved in volunteer activities too numerous to list. My oldest daughter, Wendy, lives in Portland, Ore., and has an educational multimedia company. My youngest, Mark, couldn’t decide what he wanted to be when he grew up so he went to law school, med school, and is now working as medical director at General Electric in their neonatal division. He lives in Chicago and loves it. Our middle daughter, Jodie, gets the parental prize as she has the grandchildren. The downside to that is that she lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She has two sons: Jake is 9 and Ben is 7.”


GPUS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Michael Schultes

(Alice Gage)

511 Lakeland

Grosse Pointe, MI 48230- 1268




GPUS Class Secretary:

Mrs. John P. Shanle

(Marion Polizzi)

21 North Duval Road

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI 48236-1108


Marion writes: “Greetings to all! You have not heard from me in such a long time. However, I am now writing to tell you that next May will be our 50th reunion. Can’t quite believe that 50 years have gone by since we left school. Life has taken us down so many varied paths. I know there is so much we have to share. Please be sure to mark your calendars for May 20-22. For the first time, the school is focusing activities on campus as the alumni cocktail party and reunion dinner will be held on Cook Road. In conjunction with the school, Peg Carpenter, Jody Jennings and I are hoping to plan a great weekend. Please gather your thoughts, memories and ideas and let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see, do, experience etc. that weekend. We aim to please. Our email addresses are: Peg –; Jody –; Marion We need your assistance in locating lost alumni and will be in touch with the names of those we cannot find. Also, if you are in contact with any of our classmates, please encourage them to attend our reunion. Let’s get as close to 100% attendance as we can and with no tardies! Looking forward to seeing you on May 20, 2011.




GPUS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Thomas E. White

(Susan Adams)

11 East Bay Boulevard

Spring, TX 77380- 2997




Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Howard Niskar

(Gail Sake)

30030 High Valley Road

Farmington Hills, MI 48331-2143




Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Christopher Sewell

(Karolyn A. Krieghoff)

2046 Camino de los Robles

Menlo Park, CA 94025-5917


GPUS Class Secretary:

Mr. William B. Canfield III

5307 Falmouth Rd.

Bethesda, MD 20816-2916




Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. Eugenie Corey Wagner

604 Cressfield Lane

Ann Arbor, MI 48103-3105




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Liggett Class Secretary:

Mrs. David W. Brown

(Michael Marten)

73144 Carrizo Circle

Palm Desert, CA 92260-6650


GPUS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Jani DuCharme Gunsaulus

74 Essex Road

Ipswich, MA 01938-2548


Laurie Leithauser Danforth reports: “My life is very full. I worked in many professional and academic theaters and ended up at UMF as their costume shop supervisor/designer for a long time. That was the height of my various paid careers. I loved teaching college students and working as a team on over 80 productions. The other part of my life at that time was volunteering as an assistant naturalist and board member at Seven Ponds Nature Center. I left it all when I couldn’t find a place to commune with nature within 45 minutes of my house. We moved from the state to find a place where sprawl was not taking over the quality of life for us. We ended up in the woods of Vermont and love it. There is a strong sense of community here and support for one’s neighbors. I am president of the board of the Nature Museum ( and as such have been working full time “to save the world.” I jokingly say that but in many ways it is true. I believe that each of us has to become aware of our stewardship in bringing back the planet’s good health. This happens through people having AHA experiences that make them aware of their connection to all of life and their power to be part of the solution. This empowerment moment happens in a myriad of ways depending on the person.


At the museum I work to find fresh and innovative ways to provide a potential catalyst to the ‘aha’ moment.”

 I have two fabulous children. Megan, 36, lives in Ashland, Ore., and Adam, 32, lives in Brooklyn. I have one grandson, Orion, from Megan and Tom and one on the way from Adam and Lola. Both of my children have interesting career paths. Megan is the ED for a world music choral group she founded and Adam is a meat cutter/ localvore exponent. He is also writing a definitive book on butchering and charcuterie and doing due diligence tours of all the local farms connected with the nonprofit Just Foods in NYC. Will, my husband of 39 years, is retired from being in the financial industry and later a professional singer-songwriter and is now working on choral arranging.” If anyone is ever coming to southern Vermont (Grafton) or the Cape (Osterville) give me a buzz. Will and I bounce back and forth between the two places and would enjoy meeting you as a full-fledged adult. It is fascinating to see where people’s lives have taken them. So many unpredictable paths! Thanks, Jani, for facilitating all these flashes from the past.”


John Ballantyne writes: “I worked in advertising and consulting for 26 years at places like W.B. Doner, Y&R, DDB Needham, and Ernst and Young. When E&Y was purchased by Cap Gemini in 2000, the writing was on the wall. A year later, 10,000 of my closest colleagues and I were downsized. I went to nursing school and got a BSN — worked at Henry Ford on West Grand for about three years and burned out. Now I’m retired and volunteering at the Cabrini Free Clinic in Detroit.


 “My son Peter is 28 and a CPA. He works for a consulting firm in Columbus — he was married a year ago. Stephanie 30, daughter, is married and living in LA — she runs her own web company. And my darling wife of 34 years, Nanci, is the chief development officer for the Children’s Center in downtown Detroit We have two 11-year-old dogs, Phoebe and Piper, a Westie and a Scottie. We live in a nice burb of Detroit — Royal Oak. I’m happy to reconnect with any and all of you!”




Liggett Class Secretary:

Ms. Joni W. (Welch) Holinger

229 South Quincy Street

Hinsdale, IL 60521-3949


GPUS Class Secretary:

Mrs. Peter Ferrara

(Miranda C. Herbert)

419 St. Clair St.

Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1545




GPUS Class Secretaries:

Ms. Bettye Bee Friedberg Reis

37 W. 72nd Street, Apt. 11B

New York, NY 10023-3488

Rev. Meredith B. Jackson

500 Deepwoods Drive

Valley Grande, AL 36701-0404


The 70s




GPUS Class Secretary:

Ms. Priscilla Mead

461 South York Street

Denver, CO 80209-2724


Liggett Class Secretary:

Ms. Renee R. McDuffee

480 Lodge Drive

Detroit, MI 48214


Priscilla Mead writes: “It was a whirlwind two days when a lot of our class convened for our –“gulp” 40th reunion. New grandparents Betsy Thomkinson Getz and hubby Art ’68, compared notes with Kathy Curry Robinson and hubby Howard on their new family arrivals while others tried to catch up on the last 40 years in a few hours. Terrill Burnett’s mother Patricia Hill Burnett graciously hosted our Friday night dinner in her lovely home deliciously catered by Missy Danaher. I showed a video of 40 years of compiled photos and laughs abounded. Saturday brought tours of the school and a great evening at the Country Club of Detroit, where we saw a

lot of old friends and teachers.


Facebook brought the rediscovery of old classmates like Stephan Moberg who wrote: “As one could have predicted, I am unable to attend the reunion. Quite apart from the distance, expenses and possible interfering ash clouds, I am working hard on a production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” opening on May 30. Yes, I still work in the theater, mainly as a director and playwright, but I still act a bit now and then. I like to think that some spark was kindled during the legendary GPUS production of ‘My Sister Eileen.’ If it had been possible, I would have loved to come and have a good gossip about what you all have been up to since 1970!”


Bill Marcus shares that Chris Wuerscher is alive and well living in Calgary, Alberta. He and his wife Leslie rented a vacation home with Chris and Christine on Vancouver Island in late June. Bill also shares a photo of himself with John Renaud and his mother Ri Renaud ’41 (LIG) (science teacher extraordinaire) and her husband Bruce.


Mary Starrs Armstrong reports: “During late June 2008, Priscilla Mead and Charlie Edwards visited us at our home in Kenai, Alaska. The rain and weather provided topics of spirited, daily conversation and goings on. We endured wind, rain and cold with humor. “We change our clothes, we don’t change our plans.” That’s our ethos. The trip was a blast – we enjoyed each other, the landscape, wildlife, boating, fishing and even catching a King Salmon or two. Seeing Alaska through the eyes of our visitors energizes us and reaffirms our commitment living in the arctic. Thanks for the visit, Cilla and Charlie, as wet as it was. So fun to have you with us reveling in our life and lovin’ it.”


“Fast forward to 2010: It’s borderline appropriate to use the term summer to describe the past few months, despite the masquerades of the calendar and long daylight hours. During May – August on the Kenai Peninsula, we enjoyed 19 hours of daylight (it all seems excessive to me even, though it’s energizing) while enduring the eighth rainiest July on record. In celebration of the turn of the calendar, my husband Dal bought me a brand new pair of Helly Hanson bib rain pants! (How romantic is that after 32 years?) Olive in color, which is fall 2010 chic; full wind and rain protection to boot! Vera Wang look out! Hoping all is well.”


Liggett Class Secretary:

Ms. Renee R. McDuffee

480 Lodge Drive

Detroit, MI 48214


Renee R. McDuffee has been appointed the Chairperson of the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Committee of the State Bar of Michigan for the year 2010-2011.


Kathleen Carroll Wicklund writes: “My son Doug Jr. graduated with his second master’s degree on June 4. Doug Sr. and I recently bought an older home – we are excited about it and look forward to get the ball rolling on the work that needs to be done.”


Ann Hadden-Good and her brothers David Hadden ’65 (GPUS) and Jeff Hadden ’67 (GPUS), attended a memorial service at Christ Church in Grosse Pointe Farms on August 14 for their father David Hadden, Sr.




Class Secretary:

Ms. Shanda Rumble

851 Westchester Way

Birmingham, MI 48009-2917


Shan Rumble writes: “Do we have your e-mail address? If not, please send it along to me. You don’t need any class spirit, just to let us know you are out there.”


Walter Olson writes: “I’ve got a new position, a new book coming out, and a new location: Steve, Timothy and I are moving to New Market, MD (greater Washington , DC area) August 15. I’m now a senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington, after more than 25 years with the Manhattan Institute in NYC. Next February, Encounter Books will publish my latest book, “Schools for Misrule: Legal Academia and an Overlawered America.” Timothy is entering fifth grade and thriving. Hope others are doing well!”


Doug Reid and his wife Patty live in Atlanta, where they’ve been over 20 years. They have a daughter, Jill, a rising senior at the University of Virginia, specializing in colonial history, and a son, Tommy, a high school senior. Doug has a management consulting practice on constitutional reform, He loved the people of GPUS and Liggett and wishes all classmates well. You are welcome to stay with him when stopping through Atlanta.”


Jane Peabody Fennessy writes: “I’m still training show horses in south Florida. I oversee around 50 horses and the riders that come with them. We show competitively up and down the East Coast. In my free time, I try to get the boat out (that is when it’s not under repair!). Still single (divorced — is that the same thing?). If anyone is interested they can check out my website at I would love to hear from any visitors to the West Palm Beach/Ft. Lauderdale area in the future.”


Marty Wieczorek reports: “Nancy and I will be sending our youngest off to college on Sept. 1 (finally one of my kids is going to the U of M)! After 23 years it will be weird to have no children at home. Although, I have much dread and fear that maybe life won’t be so bad on the other side.”




Class Secretary:

Mr. Kevin B. Granger

943 Hidden Lane

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1522


Joellyn Kuhnlein Gray has been elected president of the board of directors of The Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) in Woodbury, NY. Joellyn is the director of marketing for FUJIFILM’s Imaging Division, and will lead the PDMA’s mission of promoting imaging and providing a forum to involve member companies in charting the industry’s future.




Class Secretary:

Mrs. Anne K. Galyean

225 Mockingbird Trail

Palm Beach, FL 33480-3117




Class Secretary:

Mrs. David Sessions

(Sara Hendrie)

900 Sunningdale

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1670




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Jim Martin, Tom Graves, Mike Merlo, Bill Beardslee, John Hastings, Will Hummel, John Engel and Rick Ferrara (’79) came from all over the country (Miami, Minneapolis, Williamsburg, VA, Chicago, Houston, Troy and Grosse Pointe) in August to cheer on the 2010 Liggett Football team. They also went to New Haven, Mich., to root for the team as they scrimmaged Cardinal Mooney High School in late August.



Class Secretary:

Mrs. Jeffrey Shell

(Catherine Sphire)

185 Ridge Road

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3554


Catherine writes: “Richard (Rick) Ferrara and his wife Alex (‘86) have two sons at University Liggett School, Richard in ninth grade and Marshall in sixth grade. Rick runs a thriving dermatology practice in Grosse Pointe, and contributes a great deal of his time to the school. He serves as president of the Alumni Board of Governors, and this past spring, he gave a moving speech to the Upper School boys at the Founders Day ceremony. His dedication to the school is greatly appreciated.


“Rick keeps in touch with his classmates and close friends, David Tyler who lives in Washington D.C., Tom Hastings who lives in Tampa, Peter Worcester, who lives in Winston-Salem, and John Couzens, who is in Denver.



“John Couzens, his wife, Melinda, and their children live in Denver. John was recently named managing director of Northern Trust’s Specialty Assets (this includes oil, gas, and other mineral assets) and Asset Advisory Services Group.”


“Ellen Renick Durand is the mother of two teenage boys, co-owner of the Village Toy Company in Grosse Pointe and has just completed her 29th summer as Director of the Country Club of Detroit Day Camp. Bob Wood ’59 (GPUS) has been her long-time co-director. This year Ellen is beginning her first term on the Alumni Board of Governors.


“This past summer, Ellen had dinner with classmate, Kathy Maitland Waugaman who continues to enjoy living in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and children. Kathy still has strong ties to Michigan, in fact, she recently completed construction of a vacation home in the Upper Peninsula. “Ellen and her family spent the day with classmate, Hudson Mead, his wife, twin 8-year-old sons, and 13-year-old daughter. They had a great day boating on Lake St. Clair. Hudson lives in Denver.


“Claudia Amato Corrado works at the Village Toy Company. She is now an empty-nester as both her daughters, Katherine and Grace, are away at college in Lansing. Claudia keeps in touch with her best childhood friend and classmate, Robina (Robin) Bushnell Hogan. Robin and her husband Tim live in Ipswich, Mass., and are busy raising two teenagers, Allison and Ben.


“Katrina (Kate) Higbie Lowe was in town in August and had a fun reunion dinner with her sister, Faye Higbie (‘77), and old pal, Catherine Sphire Shell. She also visited with close friends and classmates Amy Cunningham Atkinson, and Elizabeth (Liz) Ford Kontulis, who were in Grosse Pointe at the time. Kate, her husband David, and their children live in Rowayton, Connecticut.


“Catherine Sphire Shell has two children at University Liggett School. Jeffrey is in eighth grade and Emma is in sixth grade. I’m also Vice President of the Alumni Board of Governors. I serve with fellow Liggett parents, Rick Ferrara, Page Heenan (’82), Tony Alcantara (’81), Stacy Miller Buhler (’82), and John Polizzi (’83), Karen Edwards Sutherland (’81), Pahl Zinn (’86), Beth Mikos Canzano (’81) and Beth Van Elslander Wood (’89).


“Sally Peters Holzinger has finally moved back into her Norwalk, Conn., home after a lengthy renovation. She lives there with her husband, Rick, and their three children, Haley, Henry, and Lucy. This past spring vacation she had a chance reunion with childhood BFF and maid-of-honor, Catherine Sphire Shell. They were, unexpectedly, at the same resort in Hawaii – one where they had spent a spring vacation together as children. Sally’s parents and Catherine’s parents were also childhood friends, so it was meaningful to see the Holzinger and Shell children forming a third generation friendship on the beach of Mauna Kea.


“Leticia (Letty) Kuhnlein Helgans, her husband, David, and two sons live in Darien, Conn. She has a regular Monday tennis match with fellow alums, Sally Peters Holzinger, Jennifer Dow Murphy (’78), and B.B. Jewett McLeod (’80).


“Esther (Lee) Ford Walsh and husband, Clune II (’78), live in Birmingham with their three children. Her oldest son, Clune IV, is a freshman at John Carroll University. Lee and her family spend summers at their home on Harbor Point.


“William P. Fleischmann began a new professional chapter in his life in July of 2009. He became a senior consultant at Arcadia Solutions. He is based out of Boston, but spends 75% of his time traveling. Since that travel includes Michigan, he and his wife, Debbie Davis Fleischmann (’77), decided to maintain their residence in Plymouth.”


The 80s




Class Secretary:

Ms. Roxane Lie

29865 SW Rose Lane #5

Wilsonville, OR 97070-8702




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Class Secretary:

Mr. Michael Ottaway

252 Cloverly Road

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3304




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Class Secretary:

Mr. Lawrence Paolucci

1898 Kenmore Drive

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1982




Class Secretary:

Mrs. Michael Starshak

(Andra Hirt)

414 Woodland Court

Glenview, IL 60025-3462




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Class Secretary:

Ms. Heather C. Diehl

8103 Seldon Trail

San Antonio, TX 78244-2319


Chip Davis writes: I won’t fill up your e-mail with a long note but just thought to let those of you who may not know that I too am on Facebook in case you might want to friend me as well. I do update it with new pictures and such. Hope everyone is well!”


Heather C. Diehl has received the DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) award from Toastmasters International. Less than 2% of Toastmasters achieve this award. She has made over 50 presentations, served as an area governor, served as a club officer, and completed a High Performance Leadership project on mentoring. She is currently President and interim Vice President of Education for Alamo City Toastmasters and Vice President of Membership for Beyond Basics Toastmasters. She is the conference chair for the District 55 2011 Spring Conference. She and her husband Juancho Bierlein (who is also a Toastmaster) continue to enjoy life in the Alamo City with their cat family and invite fellow alums who find themselves in San Antonio to have a margarita with them.


Shelly Tibbits Tucker writes: I have completed my Ph.D. in social work and am moving with the family (husband Pete, 3 children (Gabriela, 13; Ethan, 11; Sammy, 8; and two dogs) to Philadelphia.


Elizabeth Hader Weiner writes: My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary, and my oldest daughter just celebrated her 12th birthday last week. I have a 9-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son who are all doing well. My girls just got back from Jewish camp in California, and they are about to fly out to Michigan and Cleveland to see family. I’m still a correctional psychologist with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and I love my job. Not much has changed with it recently, but honestly, I’m just glad to have a job at all. My family is still in Michigan. My brother-in-law is an engineer with GM, and by some miracle, he still has a job. I’d love to hear from any one of you! I come home every November over Thanksgiving, so if you are in the area, I’d like to see you. We go to a suicide prevention benefit at the Mirage, which is an annual event on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.


Erika Ann Decker received her Master of Science degree in Criminal Forensic Studies, last December, from Florida Gulf Coast University, Ft. Myers, Fla.




We would love for someone to be a Liggett class secretary! Call Michael Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or e-mail him at




Class Secretaries:

Ms. Jennifer S. Silverston

445 West Baraga Avenue, #4

Marquette, MI 49855-4558

Mrs. Rachel Calderon Young

3208 Silva Street

Lakewood, CA 90712-3014


Tom Delisle writes: “My wife Melissa and I just had a baby boy, Owen, on Monday, August 26, 2010. Everyone is healthy and happy. I also moved my company, All Pointes Security, into a new office on Mack Avenue (next to Breadsmith) in Grosse Pointe Woods.”




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Class Secretary:

Ms. Celeste Hubbard

636 South Cochran Avenue, Apt. 205

Los Angeles, CA 90036-4036




Class Secretary:

Christal Phillips


Brenda Marie Chomiuk and Peter Kirk Dootz were wed on August 28, 2010, at The Shawnee Peak Resort in Bridgton, Maine. Her sister Laura Beth Chomiuk (’99) was the maid of honor. Brenda met Pete during her assignment with The Ameri-Corps in 2006. The couple will reside in Portland, Maine.




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Class Secretary:

Mr. Brandon Celestin

1126 Berkshire

Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230-1341


Nashant Dixit writes: “I am moving to Mumbai for a year. I will be working for an NGO called TechnoServe www. managing a rural entrepreneurship program that assists people with developing businesses throughout India. In addition, I will be working with soya farmers in Rajasthan to help them increase their crop yield and connect them with markets. There is another project with the Tibetan Government in Exile to help promote economic development in refugee areas that I will be working on part time. I actually interviewed with them when I was out in India a month ago.”




Class Secretaries:

Ms. Rachel Costello

126 East Pointe Lane, Apt. B23

East Lansing, MI 48823-1984


Ms. Carly Croskey

180 Country Club Drive

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-2902


Ms. Meghan Doletzky

1365 Pinellas Road

Belleair, FL 33756-1061




Class secretaries:

Ms. Caitlin B. Costello

800 Cadieux Road

Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1232


Ms. Kimberly M. Dickinson

240 Brown Street

Providence, RI





Class secretary:

Ms. Alyssa Bronikowski

360 E. South Water St. Apt. 3611

Chicago, IL 60601


James Hutchison earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Kalamazoo College. He played football for four years as wide receiver. He is now studying in China. He is the son of Mike and Dee Hutchison of Grosse Pointe Farms.


Geoff Greening writes: “I graduated from University of Michigan with a major in nuclear engineering and radiological sciences and minors in physics and mathematics. For the next eight months thereafter (through December), I’ll be working at L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. in the electron devices division (EDD), which designs equipment that exploits electron and plasma physics to produce electromagnetic radiation. L-3 is primarily a defense contractor — they do work for the big US agencies (DoD, DHS, intelli-gence agencies, NASA, &c.), but they also produce some commercially accessible equipment. After my internship, I’m planning to start on my Ph.D., with emphasis on researching plasmas capable of sustaining nuclear fusion for the ultimate purpose of power production.”




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Class secretary:

Ms. Maria Russo


Ms. Laura Hicks


Derek McLaughlin is majoring in civil engineering at the University of Michigan and currently lives in an apartment in

Ann Arbor. He tours prospective students around campus and is a huge part of the sports scene on campus during the year. He is one of the main leaders of the Maize Rage, a men’s basketball student section, and has also started a couple student sections for softball and women’s basketball.


Meredith Quinlan is majoring in human development and social relations; it’s an interdisciplinary major that combines sociology, anthropology, and psychology. She’s currently studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal, for six months, taking classes and living with an awesome host family. When she returns to campus, she looks forward to continuing her work with Kalamazoo College’s drug policy reform organization, environmental organization, ultimate frisbee team, and student government.




We would love for someone to be a

Liggett class secretary! Call Michael

Zarobe at 313-884-4444,ext. 415 or

e-mail him at




Class secretary:

Ms. Mary Grech


Former Faculty


Former Liggett staff member Reba Torongo writes: “I have many very happy memories of my time as support staff for Muriel Brock and Bob Wood and University Liggett School. My husband Joe and I are doing well; we enjoy our gardens, a little travel, and stay active. My second year walking the 5K MAX’S RACE in East Lansing brought first place medals – in my age class (75-79)! The Garden Club of Greater Lansing and the Capitol City Quilt keep me busy, too! My best wishes to you all.”


In August, Liggett archivist, Kathy Campbell was invited to spend the afternoon with former faculty member Ri Renaud ’41 (LIG) and Dorothy “Steve” Stevenson, secretary to seven headmasters. Friends for more than six decades, they share a devotion to University Liggett School and have offered to assist in identification of archive items. Miss Stevenson was instrumental in the original cataloging of the Liggett archives. She recently provided some of her personal files and correspondence for inclusion in the archives.